Let's be real, most aftermarket lighting sucks. They overheat, get all gunked up, aren't up to snuff, or are advertised as X lumens when they're way lower and look like they just fell off a Temu truck. And you've likely spent way too much for what you're getting. 

That's not the case with KC HiLiTES. 

I've been a fan of the brand for years now, as the company is a fixture among the off-road race sect, a love of mine that goes back decades. But this isn't a sideline acceptance, as whenever I get a chance to play with its products, I'm blown away by how easy they are to install, how burly they come from the factory (I'm insanely hard on my gear), and how well they work.

And the company has been going through a rebirth of sorts as of late, aiming to produce bigger and better stuff and doing its best to decimate the competition. To have the smiley face destroy all. 

That's what we have here, KC's answer to every other lightbar and pod system on the market. The destroyer of worlds. The Gravity Titan


Like the brand's Pro6 system, the Gravity Titan lighting setup is a modular design, with KC giving you the choice between three and nine light pods, with a handful of bolts connecting the pods together, as well as giving them the ability to curve. However, the whole setup has been changed compared to the Pro6's for both better lumens and increased intensity. 

According to KC, the Gravity Titan will throw 23,776 lumens or 316 watts from its lights, along with a peak intensity of 10,205, which is double the Pro6 intensity. It's also nearly double the candelas of the Pro6, offering up 1,020,500 to the Pro6's 582,432. KC's engineers also ensured that the increase in power came with increased cooling, designing the system to have a pass-through cooling setup through the light's lens that keeps everyone nice and chill. 

The three-source LEDs are also designed to offer the best short-, mid-, and long-range lumens, with KC designing the lights and reflectors to optimize all three. That's something their chief engineer took great pride in telling me about as we talked about these new lights.

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Essentially, prior generations and light designs from other manufacturers fail to capture the near-to-long-range span. Often, the light dispersal will either be great for long-range, but fail to see what's directly in front of you. Or they're great for short-range, and you miss a deer a couple hundred yards away. KC specifically designed the light dispersal of the Gravity Titans to cast light throughout the range so you have a do-it-all lightbar.

And that's something I can get behind, as I've had issues with other setups in the past. The lights on my Can-Am right now are from Light Force and they're great at long-distance, but I need the Can-Am's stock headlights (usually with its brights kicked on) to fill in the gap of short distance to see what's actually in front of me. And even then, the solution isn't that great.

The Gravity Titans make it so I shouldn't need the stock headlights at all. 

And being a KC product, you also get the linkable design (super easy, barely an inconvenience but more on that later), the ability to curve the setup to cast a wider light array, amber dust lights, and KC's killer retro pod design. No more boring-ass straight lightbars here. I mean, when I think of off-road lights, I definitely think of the pod design and not a straight square bar. 

But here at RideApart, we put our money where our mouths are, and we're going to be testing a set out for ourselves. I say we, but I mean me. I'm going to be testing a set of Gravity Titans. 

KC Gravity Titan
KC Gravity Titan
KC Gravity Titan

I had plans on dropping some initial thoughts when the Gravity Titans went live on the company's site, but a few minor issues with my Can-Am Maverick X3 UTV precluded me getting them installed on time and getting out for a drive—a few things were broken and the Can-Am had to go to the dealership for a week. 

All of that is changing, however, as I've got the lights and mounts in place on the Can-Am, and the UTV's wiring torn apart to do the last bit of small wire snaking and connection, and button placement to go before complete and total light domination. And then, let there be light! 

It'll be a good time to test, too, as I'll have everything ready to go for all our spring and summer camping activities, as well as turkey and elk hunts. Utah also decided to drop a last-ditch blizzard, so I'll get some cold-weather testing too.

So stay tuned for my thoughts on the Gravity Titan coming soon. 

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