I'm all for backcountry communication systems. Garmin's literally saved my life. But that sort of communication system is a bit harder when you add something like the open ocean into the mix.

There are currents, waves, and all manner of weather that you have to contend with in order to be found in a rescue situation. And the best possible outcomes come when you're found quickly and efficiently.

Seeing there was a need for such technology, Yamaha has an interesting new patent for the brand's WaveRunner jet skis we found that could make open sea or open water rescues that much easier. Let's talk about Yamaha's Rescue Network System for Watercraft patent. 

According to the brief submitted by Yamaha,

An operator of a watercraft, when encountering some kind of trouble during navigation, informs other watercraft navigating nearby of the occurrence of an emergency by using a tool such as a whistle, a smoke marker, or so forth. Alternatively, the operator calls for a rescue service by using a communication means such as a mobile phone. However, in order for the operator of the troubled watercraft to successfully inform another watercraft of the occurrence of an emergency by using the tool, it's premised that the other watercraft is located nearby enough to fall within the field of view of the troubled watercraft. Because of this, the method of informing the other watercraft of the occurrence of the emergency by using this tool is not suitable for a place with low marine traffic or a place with poor visibility due to complicated terrain.

Patent 3
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To combat this, Yamaha has developed a communication system that allows the brand's jet ski watercraft to communicate with another jet ski or series of other watercraft built with this system and relay the distress information to others "Within a predetermined communication range."

What that all means is that Yamaha's patent would allow a broken or disabled jet ski to communicate to others on the water and relay information like "Help, I've broken down.", or the last known location of the watercraft, among other pieces of information to other watercraft so they can get help. Or come to your aid themselves. That would drastically reduce lead times of rescue workers, as those communications would need to go through multiple sources before they can be dispatched to your location.

This could lead to a lot more lives saved.  

As to whether we'll see the patent on any new Yamaha WaveRunners, that's yet to be determined. But the concept is an interesting one and one I'd personally like to see pushed into the public sphere, as water accidents or issues can become truly dangerous fast. Let's hope Yamaha throws it onto a jet ski soon.

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