Having a super high-performance bike is cool for many reasons, as enjoying the tech and performance is nothing short of exhilarating. And there’s no denying that there’s a certain thrill to be had from having a bike unlike any other on the street.

I got the chance to be custodian of a 2019 MV Agusta F3 for a couple of months, and let me tell you, that bike made me feel really special no matter where I took it.

That being said, having a bike as specialized as one from MV Agusta can be very intimidating, and having a solid support network from your local dealer is nothing short of essential when it comes to riding one of these things with peace of mind.

2021 MV Agusta F3 Rosso - Right Side Alternate

Luckily, for the 2024 riding season, MV Agusta is extending a service promotion called the “We Care Campaign” to its customers from all over the world. It’s clearly looking to build its reputation as a reliable and trustworthy brand, while at the same time expanding its reach across multiple markets.

After all, the brand has received a sizable injection of funds following its partnership with none other than KTM.

With that, official MV Agusta dealers and service centers are offering owners of older MV Agusta bikes—those made back until 2018—extra peace of mind. It’s offering free checkups and 20-percent discounts on certain spare and replacement parts. Joining the program is pretty straightforward, too.

Simply fill out the form on MV Agusta’s official website, click submit, and head over to your nearest authorized dealer for a free checkup.

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It’s worth mentioning that MV Agusta enumerates the maintenance items that fall under the “free checkup” category. It also lists down a bunch of parts that are eligible for the 20-percent discount, such as brake pads, air filters, and other consumables. So be sure to read the fine print on its website to make sure you’re making the most of the promotion.

It’s nice to see brands like MV Agusta extend support for their older models. This will undoubtedly instill a heightened sense of peace of mind among owners of these unique, high-performance machines. I mean, of course, in the bigger scheme of things, a 2018 model-year bike is by no means old.

But the technology found in modern bikes advances so rapidly that year-on-year changes on bikes make previous-generation bikes feel even older.

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