China's Yadea made quite an impression at last year's EICMA, with the brand unveiling the Kemper, an electric naked bike that stood as the most performance-oriented model in its lineup.

Now, using the Kemper as a springboard, Yadea has unveiled an even sportier version of this bike called the Kemper RC. And as you can see in the image above, the Kemper RC takes the form of a full fairing sportbike with a serious flair for futuristic styling.

The bike’s angular lines, loud colorway, and single-sided swingarm make it clear that Yadea wants the Kemper RC to stand out from the crowd. You definitely won't miss it in a car park.

Yadea Kemper RC

Yadea Kemper RC

Beneath the surface, Yadea has sourced the Kemper RC’s underpinnings from some pretty big names, with suspension components from KYB, and a dual-disc brake setup up from Brembo, too.

At its heart lies a mid-drive electric motor with a maximum output of 40 kilowatts (about 54 horsepower), with a continuous rating of 23 kilowatts (31 horsepower). This means that for riders in Europe, the Kemper RC is A2 compliant, making it an interesting option for young riders looking to start on something electric.

But what do these numbers mean in the real world? Well, electric motors are known for their instant torque, and the Kemper RC’s is no different. Yadea claims a zero to 62-mile-per-hour sprint of under five seconds, and a top speed of around 100-ish miles per hour. As such, you could say that its performance is similar to that of the Kawasaki Ninja 500—on paper, at least.

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When the time comes to recharge the bike, Yadea claims an eyebrow-raising zero to 80-percent charge time of just 10 minutes via a fast charger, as the battery consists of a 6.4 kWh unit with a 20 ampere-hour capacity. Yadea doesn't make any claims regarding the motorcycle's range, however. 

Apart from powering the electric motor, the battery is also in charge of all the bike’s electronic rider aids. ABS and traction control come as standard here, but Yadea’s gone for the whole premium package with a full-color TFT display, smartphone connectivity, and even a built-in dashcam mounted on the front of the bike.

As of this writing, Yadea has yet to reveal any pricing information on the Kemper, let alone the Kemper RC. That said, if it wants to lock horns with big-name players like Zero Motorcycles, pricing it right would undoubtedly be vital for the success of this bike. 

But what do you think? Is something like the Yadea going to spark your interest or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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