You may be familiar with French automotive brand Renault and its wide selection of compact automobiles. And while the brand is indeed a well-known name in the car world, it’s only just starting to expand into the mobility sector.

At the recently concluded Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS), Renault unveiled quite a few interesting concepts that would capture the attention of us powersports enthusiasts.

Spicing things up even more, Renault teamed up with five French startups on five unique e-mobility products. The entire project was branded “5 Movements,” encapsulating mobility across all sorts of terrain—from water, snow, tarmac, and off-road terrain. Let’s go over these interesting machines.


Renault Searacer

Renault Searacer

The first one is called the Searacer, and it was developed in partnership with Flavien Neyertz, CEO of French startup Searider. The electric personal watercraft (PWC) is the first of its kind to be crafted in France, and Renault says that it’s designed specifically for use in watersports.

It’s packing a high-density electric motor, and although the specs have yet to be revealed, Renault says that the Searacer is versatile enough to impress seasoned adrenaline junkies. I mean, it won an A’Design Award, as well as MotoGP World Champ Fabio Quartararo’s seal of approval.


Renault Moonbike

Renault Moonbike

Transitioning from water to land, Renault teamed up with Nicolas Muron, the CEO and founder of MoonBikes for the eponymous Moonbike. So this is little more than a rebadge.

But the Moonbike, however, isn’t a bike, but rather, a compact snowmobile aptly called snow scooter.

With a caterpillar-style track at the back and a ski at the front, the Moonbike can make quick work of slushy snow rocketing up to a top speed of 40 kilometers per hour (about 25 miles per hour). Thanks to its beltless and chainless design, the Moonbike requires little maintenance, making it a dependable option for winter mobility.

Executive Editor Jonathon Klein's friend, Jake Richmond, has actually tested the Moonbike before, though he was less than effusive, saying, "I had fun, don’t get me wrong. If it were $2,500, I’d buy one. But at $10,000 after tax for the standard battery, why not just get a Sur-Ron with sled kit or a lower-end 2024 Ski-Doo?"

Evol BMX

Renault Evol BMX

Renault Evol BMX

While we’re on land, let’s transition into dryer weather with the Evol BMX, crafted in partnership with Olivier Le Quellec, founder of Evol Bike. The Evol BMX is, as the name suggests, an electric BMX bike, and was born out of the collaboration between Le Quellec and architect Vincent Coste.

Powered by a 500-watt motor with a top speed of 28 miles per hour, the Evol BMX is more of an urban commuter rather than a stunt bike capable of jumps and barspins.

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Reverso Sailing Dinghy

Renault Reverso

Renault Reverso

Jumping back into the water, Renault teamed up with Antoine Simon of Reverso for this compact sailboat. Measuring 3.4 by 1.45 meters (11 by 4.7 feet), the Reverso can be disassembled into four independent parts for easy storage and transport.

There’s no mention of an electric motor here, so it looks like you’ll have to resort to using the built-in sail, or some oars, to get around.

Plume Foil

Renault Plume Foil

Renault Plume Foil

Last but certainly not least, Renault presents the Plume Foil with designer Etienne Monbereau. This eFoil is sort of like a surfboard, except that you can ride it even in still water. It packs a powerful electric motor that can propel the board to a top speed of 35 kilometers per hour (22 miles per hour).

Weighing in at less than 30 kilograms (about 66 pounds), it’s light enough for you to easily load into the back of a van or pickup truck for your next trip to the beach.

Recent years have seen various automakers venture into the e-mobility world. Big names like Porsche, Ducati, and even Rivian have established a presence in the electric bicycle world.

But now, Renault is pushing the boundaries even further by introducing concepts that go beyond just two wheels—and even dry land for that matter.

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