Ducati is entering a world of firsts with the brand's first-ever motocross bike. It's also the first motocross bike to use a desmodromic system, and come March, we'll get to see it in action in the Italian Motocross Prestige Championship, piloted by 8-time Italian national champion Alessandro Lupino.

Thankfully, we don't have to wait until the first round of the Italian motocross championship to see the Desmo450 MX rip. Dirt Shark and Monster Energy teamed up to give us the first official footage of the bike and its developer, 9-time world Motocross champion Tony Cairoli. For the first time since its reveal, Cairoli gives some insight into the bike's development. 

What We Know

After the bike, one of the most interesting parts of this video is the fact that it takes place at 04 Park—Monte Coralli in Faenza, Italy. This track is owned by Italian racing legend Andrea Dovizioso, and will play host to a round of the Italian Motocross Prestige Championship in 2024. So it's hardly surprising Cairoli would want to get some last-minute practice in before the gates drop on September 21st. 

The most exciting aspect of the Desmo450 MX is undoubtedly its desmodromic valve system. Speaking to this, Cairoli stated, "The desmodromic system is the character of the bike. It's something that no one else has..."

antonio cairoli and ducati desmo450 mx

In terms of features and hard numbers, we don't get anything else from Cairoli in the video, except that the team is still testing a lot of aspects of the bike, and there's still quite a bit of development to do before the bike goes on sale.


Cairoli Laments

Cairoli makes it clear that he's happy to play such a huge role in developing the Desmo450 MX for 8-time Italian Motocross National Champion Alessandro Lupino. However, the former champion says, "In the beginning, I mean I've always been a fan of Ducati, and I wish that they came earlier to the field when I was still on my top years."

It's great for fans to see an Italian champion team up with arguably the most iconic Italian motorcycle brand of the 21st century. But you can't help but think those words might sting for KTM loyalists, a brand on which Cairoli took seven motocross titles before transitioning into a Team Manager role for Red Bull KTM Factory Racing for 2023.

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