Sidecars have always been interesting to me, as they sit in a category all their own in the realm of powersports. They’re ideal for both solo exploration, as well as trips with friends or family, and they force you to take a more relaxed and laid-back approach when it comes to the great outdoors.

And Mash Motors has just released the B-Side in Germany, looking to present itself as quite an exciting adventurer. 

Mash has quite a selection of Ural-inspired sidecars, and the B-Side is one of the more powerful in its lineup. Rocking a 494cc twin-cylinder engine with 54 ponies, it has more than enough grunt to power through loose terrain, sand, and perhaps even snow. Further, its 18-liter tank promises lots of distance, bolstering your confidence to explore further off the grid. 


Sidecars like the Mash B-Side have this raw, unrefined appeal that really makes them stand out. They're also incredibly versatile, as they can be used for both utility and recreation. For instance, here in the Philippines, sidecars are an everyday occurrence for the average commuter. Instead of taxis, cities are filled with tricycles waiting for passengers to hop in for a ride. They’re a cheap, accessible, and quick way to get from point A to B within the confines of the urban jungle.

To that end, with a price tag of 11,999 euros, or about $12,980 USD, it’s quite an interesting prospect for the adventurer whose desires can’t be fulfilled by a standard ADV bike.

On the recreational side of things, sidecars—especially off-road-capable ones like the Mash B-Side—offer explorers and adventurers a solid platform for their excursions. You can throw in all your hunting, fishing, and camping gear with ease. Heck, I’ve even seen custom-made bike racks and surfboard racks on sidecars, so the sky’s pretty much the limit when it comes to the versatility of these quirky three-wheelers.

Mash Releases New B-Side Sidecar In Europe

In the grand scheme of things, sidecars are pretty rare, and only a few manufacturers still produce these machines. Perhaps technology has evolved to the point where a UTV or ATV could very well be a more practical and capable alternative to a sidecar. But brands like Ural and Mash prove that folks still want rugged yet laid-back sidecars with tons of tractor-factor. After all, lots of people engage in powersports simply for the fun of it.

And sometimes, technology isn’t even part of the picture.

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