Many motorcyclists consider HJC as one of the best helmet manufacturers in the business. The South Korean manufacturer has a wide selection of helmets that cater to all disciplines of motorcycling and fit a wide range of budgets. For those looking for the very best the brand has to offer, the RPHA range is here to cater to your needs, and HJC has the RPHA 91 Carbon for those looking for a lightweight lid that doesn’t compromise on comfort and safety.

Ever since the ECE 22.06 helmet standard was gradually rolled out in 2022, HJC’s been revamping its entire model range across the board. Sitting at the very top of its touring range is the RPHA 91, now offered in a sleek and sport Carbon edition. It’s a lighter and more advanced iteration of the already premium RPHA 91 launched in 2023, and what sets it apart is its lightweight and durable shell composition.

HJC makes use of PIM Evo matrix technology when it comes to the RPHA 91’s shell construction. This type of construction not only reduces weight, but substantially increases protection and safety, thanks to carbon fiber’s impressive impact absorption and dissipation properties. The result is an impressively lightweight modular helmet that’s 100 grams lighter than its standard counterpart. For reference, HJC claims a weight of 1,600 grams (3.5 pounds) in a size M. For reference, the new carbon shell comes in four sizes spread across six sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

Lightweight construction and premium materials aside, the RPHA 91 Carbon retains all the premium features found in the standard model. It gets HJC’s ACS ventilation system, a 3D screen with quick and easy disassembly without the need for any tools, and a Pinlock 120 anti-fog film as standard. As is the case with all modular helmets of this caliber, the RPHA 91 features a drop-down sun visor with extra adjustability for optimal comfort and vision. For added convenience, the internal foam features cutouts for eyewear, and the helmet is predisposed to receive HJC’s smart communicator system.

HJC Goes For Lightweight Comfort With RPHA 91 Carbon Modular Helmet

When it comes to pricing and availability, the HJC RPHA 91 Carbon is by no means cheap. It starts at 699.99 euros, or about $762 USD for the plain versions – accounting for a 150-euro price hike versus the standard model. It’s offered in plain black as well as graphic options with red and white colorways. The graphic options are more expensive, retailing for 779.90 euros, or about $849 USD.

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