At EICMA 2023, Royal Enfield treated the world to the spectacular launch of the Himalayan 450. The new-generation Himalayan was almost nothing like its predecessor, boasting entirely new underpinnings, and a new engine that’s unlike anything we’ve seen from RE before. While the first-gen Himalayan was a go-anywhere ADV akin to a tractor, the new Himalayan was sportier, full of brap, and dare I say, more like a full-fledged ADV-enduro.

With that being said, the rumor mills are once again churning, as recent reports suggest that Royal Enfield is working on a beefed up version of its adventure bike called the Himalayan 450 Raid. With a rumored internal name of Project K1X, the Himalayan 450 Raid will be a more off-road-focused iteration of the already off-road capable Himalayan 450. It’s expected to come with a whole bunch of refinements designed to make it a better performer when it comes to tackling the gnarly stuff.

2024 Royal Enfield Himalayan 452

A report by Indian automotive publication Rush Lane suggests that the upcoming Himalayan 450 Raid will come equipped with fully adjustable front and rear suspension, as well as increased ground clearance. On top of that, it’ll also be lighter, but the report doesn’t give any speculated weight figures. For reference, however, the Himalayan 450 has a claimed wet weight of 196 kilos, or about 432 pounds, so yes, it’s a bit on the heavy side when it comes to ADVs of this sort, as its closest rival, the 390 Adventure has a claimed wet weight of 379 pounds.

Apart from improved suspension and lowered weight, the Himalayan 450 Raid is also expected to be decked out in all sorts of off-road-ready accouterments. For instance, a rally sump protects the belly of the beast from damage when traversing rugged terrain, while engine guards keep the motor intact in the event of a crash. Hand guards allow riders to bust through bushes and light foliage with ease, while tubeless spoked-wheels instill confidence when tackling all sorts of terrain.

While all this is exciting for RE enthusiasts looking for a thoroughly capable off-roader, it appears we’ll have to wait quite a while before we see this bike hit Indian roads, let alone the international market. A report from News18 states that due to the fact that the new Himalayan 450 Raid will be equipped with tubeless spoked wheels, securing approval from the Bureau of Indian Standards could take some time. That being said, the Himalayan 450 Raid is expected to make its debut at EICMA 2026, and be slated for an Indian launch in the early months of 2027.

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