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Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 Deliveries Begin In India


New Bike Day is always a day worth celebrating, and that goes double when the bike is as hotly anticipated as the new Himalayan. The first bike made its way into customer hands in Tumkur, Karnataka, India, in the top-level Summit variant, which comes in the Hanle Black colorway. The MSRP on this bike is ₹284,000 ex-showroom in Chennai, which is approximately $3,404.

If you're curious about the colorway found on the bike featured in all of Enfield's pre-release promotional material, that's known as Kamet White. It retails for ₹279,000 ex-showroom in Chennai, or about $3,344. 

Gogoro Rolls Out Electric SmartScooters and Battery Swapping GoStations In The Philippines

Gogoro Launches Smartscooters and Battery Swapping in the Philippines

Taiwanese electric scooter company Gogoro officially rolled out its electric GoStations and scooters in the capital city of Manila on December 1, 2023. Gogoro Philippines is a joint venture between Gogoro, Ayala, Globe, and 917Ventures, 

"We are now witnessing a key turning point in the quest for sustainable and intelligent urban transportation in the Philippines. With Gogoro battery swapping, we are not only providing a convenient and eco-friendly solution for refueling but also embracing a lifestyle change that benefits our community and environment. We are proud to lead this charge and offer a glimpse into the future of mobility," Gogoro Philippines president and CEO Bernie Llamzon said in a statement. 

Indian Motorcycle Shows Off New Christmas Sweater

Indian Motorcycle Sweater

Motorcycle gear makers introducing holiday-themed goods isn't new, but we're a little bit on the fence about this sweater. Sure, the red is about the same shade as the one that Indian likes to use on many of its bikes. However, apart from that and the "Indian Motorcycle" branding on the front of this bike, we aren't getting much 'motorcycle' out of this sweater. 

It's clearly meant to echo the visual pattern repetition of a Fair Isle knitted sweater, but one of the greatest things about those sweaters is seeing a bazillion dancing stars or teddy bears or motorcycles in a band pattern around the circumference of the sweater. 

Here, we've got snowflakes, along with some pine trees that kind of look a bit like tire treads if you squint a little. Or maybe I just need to clean my glasses. In any case: Why no Indian Motorcycle models in profile? That would have been much more fun, in my opinion.

Anyway, if this design appeals to you, it's available in both the Indian Motorcycle online stores in the US and in Europe. In the US, the MSRP is $79.99. 

We Got Our First In-Person Look At The 2024 Triumph Speed 400 And Scrambler 400 X


If you're following RideApart on Instagram, you may already know this. If you're not, though, you probably should be. Then you won't miss out on fun stuff like this in the future. Please note, these bikes may not reflect the final American specifications. Still, what do you think from what you're seeing here?

Right now, there are two pairs of Triumph 400s making their way across the US for those who are interested to see. They're currently scheduled to begin rolling into American dealerships starting in January 2024.

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