We’re only three months into 2022, and Gogoro is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. Back in January, the Taiwanese technology and electric scooter company threw down a gauntlet of sorts. If you’ll recall, that’s when it announced plans to install more of its battery-swapping GoStations across Taiwan by the end of 2022 than gas stations.  

Having more GoStations is nice, but it’s only part of the company’s 2022 plans. On March 8, 2022, Gogoro unveiled its first-ever solid-state EV battery prototype. Developed in partnership with ProLogium Technology, once it’s passed the prototype stage and enters production, this battery will be backwards-compatible with existing Gogoro and Powered by Gogoro Network vehicles. That surely seems like a win for PBGN vehicle riders. 

It’s now March 16, 2022—an entire week after the potentially game-changing solid-state battery prototype announcement—and Gogoro has something else to reveal. The new Gogoro Ssmartcore (sic) technology platform adds new functionality to Gogoro and PBGN Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and Motor Control Units (MCUs, and not the kind with Iron Man in them). It will also be made available to all PBGN developers later this year, for integration into their vehicle designs. 

Gallery: Gogoro Ssmartcore Platform and SuperSport scooter

Gogoro says that the new Ssmartcore platform “provides three times the computing power available on Gogoro’s current Smartscooters today, enabling a new generation of smart two-wheel vehicles.” There’s more to it than just processing power enhancement, though. Improved motor control and real-time power calibration result in what Gogoro calls “intelligent traction control.” Crucially, the processing power and speed results in almost no lag time, meaning your vehicle should behave as you expect it to. 

In addition to integrated digital traction control made possible by Ssmartcore, Gogoro is also taking this opportunity to bring LTE wireless connectivity to Gogoro scooters. This, in turn, opens a raft of convenience features between the rider and their scooter, including 24/7 alerts about locking/unlocking, trunk opening, and real-time location data. Diagnostic data will also be available, so you can keep an eye on your scoot inside and out, even when you’re not right there with it. 

“SSmartcore enables improved safety capabilities like a new generation of integrated Etraction control, improved user features like more responsive throttle control, and it enables integrated LTE connectivity for over-the-air updates and other location-based functionality,” Gogoro founder, chairman, and CEO Horace Luke said in a statement. 

Gogoro also took this opportunity to unveil a brand-new scooter, the SuperSport. It’s the first vehicle to come equipped with Ssmartcore, so owners of this new scoot will be able to experience the latest and greatest in Gogoro technological development. The Gogoro SuperSport makes a claimed 7.6kW (equivalent to about 10.19 horsepower), and has a zero to 50 kilometer-per-hour (about 31 mph) of 3.9 seconds. 

What does the future hold for Gogoro? One thing’s for sure: It’s going to be an interesting ride. We look forward to seeing what’s still to come.

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