Indian electric vehicle startup Orxa Energies has finally unveiled its first electric motorcycle, the Orxa Mantis. This performance-oriented electric naked bike first hit the scene in concept form back in 2019, with a promise to hit the market by mid-2020. However, as we all know, the world was flipped on its head at right about that time, leading to the entire world pretty much grinding to a halt.

Since then, however, the world has gotten back on its feet, and so too has Orxa Energies. The new Mantis has finally been unveiled, and on paper, at least, looks thoroughly impressive. We’ve been seeing a lot of new performance-oriented electric motorcycles come out from India in recent years, and the Orxa Mantis is the newest of the bunch. With that said, let’s dive right in and see what this electric naked bike has to offer.

New Orxa Mantis Electric Motorcycle Can Travel 137 Miles On A Single Charge

At the heart of the Orxa Mantis is a liquid-cooled electric motor with a 20.5 kilowatt output, or about 27 horsepower in ICE speak. Torque figures seem reasonable at 93 Nm, or about 69 pound-feet (not the astronomical torque figures other EV companies are claiming). As such, Orxa says that the bike has a top speed of 135 kilometers per hour (83 miles per hour) and can zip from zero to 60 miles an hour in a rather modest 8.9 seconds. The motor and other functions of the bike are powered by an 8.9 kilowatt-hour battery pack promising a range of up to 221 kilometers (137 miles) on a single charge.

The Mantis can charge to full in two-and-a-half hours using the “Blitz” fast charger, while a standard 1.3-kilowatt charger will take five hours for a full charge. Apart from powering the motor, the battery also keeps tabs on all the other electronic functions of the bike. The Mantis is equipped with a large five-inch, full-color TFT display complete with smartphone pairing and navigation. A full-LED lighting system ensures nighttime visibility, while also giving the bike a unique aesthetic thanks to its twin-projector LED setup. Other tech features include regenerative braking and ABS.

New Orxa Mantis Electric Motorcycle Can Travel 137 Miles On A Single Charge

Cutting-edge electronics aside, Orxa Energies says that the Mantis’ frame is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum, in a bid to keep weight down low. Suspension duties are handled by 41-millimeter telescopic forks up front, and a preload-adjustable monoshock at the back. Meanwhile, the bike comes to a stop with front and rear disc brakes measuring 320 millimeters and 230 millimeters respectively. Overall, it appears that Orxa was able to achieve its goal of keeping weight rather low, as the Mantis weighs in at just 182 kilograms (about 401 pounds), about as much as a Honda CB500F.

In terms of pricing and availability, the Orxa Mantis comes with a sticker price starting at Rs 360,000, or about $4,322 USD. Included in this price is the 1.3-kilowatt charger, with the Blitz charger offered as an optional accessory. Interestingly, Orxa Energies is offering the Mantis with a three-year, 30,000-kilometer (18,750-mile) warranty, ensuring peace of mind among its buyers. Orxa says that the first batch of Mantis electric motorcycles will make their way to eager customers in April, 2024.

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