On October 3, 2023, Zero Motorcycles announced price reductions on all of its 2022 and 2023 model year motorcycles in North America. The amounts differ by model, year, and color, and range between $1,000 and $4,500 off the original MSRP. This is an initiative directly from Zero itself and is in addition to any state or local electric motorcycle incentives that might be available in your area. 

These price reductions apply to all 2022 and 2023 Zero Motorcycles, including those that dealers currently have in stock. In other words, if you’ve been thinking about getting a Zero, the company just gave you at least one new reason to consider it. 

Here’s a full list of discounts by model year and bike. The new MSRPs are also listed in the last column. 

Year, Model, Battery Pack, and Color (if applicable) Price Reduction New MSRP After Price Reduction
2022 Zero FX ZF7.2 in Dune $1,000 $10,995
2022 Zero FXE ZF7.2 $1,000 $11,195
2022 Zero SR/F ZF15.6+ Premium in Red Coral $4,000 $18,195
2022 Zero SR/S ZF15.6+ Premium in Aileron Black $4,000 $18,695
2022 Zero SR ZF7.2 in Twilight $1,250 $10,345
2022 Zero DS ZF7.2 in Quicksand $1,250 $10,345
2022 Zero DSR ZF14.4 in Black $3,000 $13,195
2023 Zero FX ZF7.2 in Black-Gray $1,000 $11,995
2023 Zero FXE ZF7.2 in Jet Black-Gray $1,000 $11,995
2023 Zero DSR/X ZF17.3 $4,500


2023 Zero SR/F ZF17.3 in Jet Black-Gold $4,000


2023 Zero SR/S ZF17.3 in Asphalt-Cyan $4,000


2023 Zero SR ZF15.6+ in Thermal Black $3,000


2023 Zero DS ZF7.2 in Quicksand $1,250


2023 Zero S ZF7.2 in Twilight $1,250


2023 Zero DSR ZF14.4 in Black $3,000


A quick perusal of the Zero Motorcycles website on the afternoon of October 3, 2023 shows that the base prices have already been updated to reflect these changes. Prices for options such as the Power Tank, 6 kilowatt Rapid Charger, or any accessories aren't directly affected by these reductions. Still, if you save money on the bike itself, that at least theoretically means that you might have more money for parts and accessories, because #bikemath.

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