As the date of September 28, 2023, draws closer, BMW Motorrad has been teasing the upcoming R 1300 GS across its social media channels. While some prelaunch teasers utilize silhouettes or extreme detail closeup images because the OEMs haven’t officially announced what model it is ahead of time, BMW Motorrad has the freedom to do something a little bit different since it’s already announced the name of this bike. 

To herald the coming of the new BMW R 1300 GS, the Motorrad chose to use a single action shot of the new bike out having an adventure. While the image is the same across its socials, the caption text is slightly different in each instance. 

On Instagram, there’s a simple “The wait is almost over!” followed by a raised-hands celebratory emoji and the hashtag #R1300GS. After that, it reads, “Mark your calendar and get ready to experience the extraordinary. 28th September, 5 PM CEST.” For those of you following along in the US, that’s 11 a.m. Eastern. 


Over on Facebook, the chosen caption text reads, “Ready to set the pace with the all-new BMW #R1300GS?” followed by the eyeballs emoji. The next paragraph reads, “Stay tuned! 28th September, 5 PM CEST. #ThePacesetter.”  

Finally, over on X (the site formerly known as Twitter), it reads “Not long until we get to explore new paths with the all-new BMW #R1300GS! Stay tuned.” followed by the raised-hands celebratory emoji. The next graf reads, “28th September, 5 PM CEST. #ThePacesetter” 

Thanks to all the splashing water in the image, you get the vague impression of a GS-shaped bike out doing GS activities, but you don’t see much in the way of detail. Zooming in shows wire-spoke wheels and dual brake discs, which you’d expect, and which aren’t even slightly surprising. Some commenters on social media say the front end also looks a little slimmer than the previous R 1250 GS, but it’s difficult to get a strong sense of proportion with the way the surrounding splash of water appears in this photo.  

Interestingly, if you had the chance to see the R 1300 GS spy shots we published in May 2023, that rather prominent beak under the headlights in the spy photos almost completely disappears in the teaser photo. Is it a trick of the light and water conditions, or will the R 1300 GS as released look significantly different than what we’d been shown in those spy shots?  

The good news is, there are only two more weeks to go before we all find out together. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the R 1300 GS makes its way out into the world.

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