Nearly all modern motorcycles are equipped with a full-color TFT display. Not too long ago, around three or four years ago, this feature was reserved for high-end motorcycles rocking lots of technology. These days, however, even beginner-friendly scooters and made-in-China knockoffs come equipped with fancy full-color displays.

This is a clear cut result of economies of scale – the more you make of something, the cheaper it is to produce. That being said, not all TFTs are made the same, and some inevitably pack more features than others. So, what if your motorcycle has an old-school calculator-esque dash, or a rather lackluster digital display that leaves you wanting more features? Well, a startup by the name of NaviCam looks to change that.

Spruce Up Your Bike’s Tech With New NaviCam Aftermarket Display

Its newest product, which is now live on Kickstarter, is an aftermarket dash complete with all the features you could ever ask for. It’s rocking dashcam integration, as well as Apple Carplay and Android Auto. NaviCam’s product, called the CL876, seeks to elevate your ride when it comes to tech, offering riders of affordable, entry-level motorcycles the connectivity features found on more expensive machines.

NaviCam says that the CL876 is a “universal fit,” so that means it can supposedly be used on all motorcycles no matter how old. As such, it can be particularly useful for folks who commute on older machines, or simply want to spruce up their older touring bikes for long rides out of town. There are multiple mounting configurations for the screen, but it essentially makes use of a ball and socket which allows you to perfectly angle the screen according to your liking. NaviCam offers a claw mount, handlebar mount, and steering stem mount, so fitting it on your bike should be very straightforward.

Apart from the connectivity features like navigation and music streaming, the CL876 also offers a wired connection to a 1080p/ 60fps dash cam mounted on the front and rear of the bike. It also integrates a handy tire pressure monitoring system, a feature not commonly found even on mid-tier models. That being said, the dash cam and TPMS will set you back a premium, as these aren’t standard features of the CL876.

Spruce Up Your Bike’s Tech With New NaviCam Aftermarket Display
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