On September 2, 2023, CFMoto took to the Zhuzhou International Circuit in Zhuzhou China to celebrate the 2023 CFMoto Day. Among the key highlights of the event were the surprise unveiling of two new models under the brand's SR model range, namely, the 500SR and 675SR. For reference, the most performance-oriented model in the SR lineup today is the 450SR, so these two bikes represent a quantum leap forward when it comes to outright performance.

In the US market, the 450SR is known as the 450SS, and it's generated quite a bit of a stir in the market. Thanks to its lightweight build and punchy 270-degree parallel-twin engine, it delivers some pretty impressive performance. That said, the upcoming 500SR and 675SR raise the bar even higher. According to CFMoto, the 500SR is the "pure expression of the SR sporting spirit." It features an all-new 500cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, inline-four-cylinder engine that has been undergoing "secret development" for three years now.


While its diminutive proportions may lead you to think that it's a budget-oriented engine, its technical characteristics prove that it leans more towards the performance side of the equation. For instance, it gets forged aluminum pistons, as well as stretch-bolt connecting rods. It's also been fitted with a low-inertia crankshaft, enabling it to rev high and fast. According to CFMoto, it can "effortlessly reach speeds over 230 kilometers per hour," or about 144 miles per hour – pretty impressive for a 500cc sportbike.

CFMoto Teases New High-Performance Sportbikes At 2023 CFMoto Day

Even more impressively, CFMoto showcased what could very well be its most performance-oriented bike to date. Dubbed the 675SR, this supersport features a three-cylinder engine which the brand claims delivers more than 100 horsepower. At this point, it isn't known whether the engine was developed solely by CFMoto, or if it makes use of technology found in other bikes. Nevertheless, 675cc seems to be a favorite displacement for triples, as we've seen bikes like the MV Agusta F3, and of course, the iconic Triumph Daytona and Street Triple, rock engines of this displacement.

As of this writing, CFMoto has not made known specific plans surrounding the launches of the 500SR and 675SR. All it stated was that the models debuted during the 2023 CFMoto Day will be "launched in different markets respectively." With all that being said, it's more than likely that bikes as groundbreaking as the 500SR and 675R will be slated for global release. CFMoto is expected to reveal more information about the bikes in the near future, so be sure to stay tuned for that.  

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