Electric motorcycle manufacturer from the UK, Arc, has been busy with the development of its first model, the Vector.  The high-performance electric motorcycle has made headlines several times in recent years, and despite the uncertainty surrounding the brand in previous years, things are looking up for the company. In fact, Arc has just unveiled a super-limited edition version of the Vector called the Founder's Signature Edition. 

The launch of the Vector Founder's Signature Edition has been timed precisely with the brand's entry into the North American market. The special-edition EV motorbike is said to have been designed by Arc founder and CEO Mark Truman himself. The company's press release states that Truman has personally overseen the "awesome specification of this special collector's edition." Of course, a limited-edition motorcycle of such caliber will be quite a rarity – a statement guaranteed by the fact that only two will ever see the light of day. 

New Arc Vector Signature Edition Marks Brand's Entry Into US Market

Now, Arc already claims that the Vector is the "world's most advanced motorcycle," and indeed on paper, this could very well be the case, as we've covered in our previous stories about the bike. So, what could Arc have possibly done to make the Founder's Signature Edition even more special? Well, for starters, the bike gets a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, body panels and wheels. Arc compares the bike to a supercar, saying that the Founder's Signature Edition has even more forged carbon than a good number of supercars on the road. 

Furthermore, the Vector Founder's Signature Edition gets eye-catching Rose Gold paint details all around the bodywork, and a hand-made etched leather saddle and handlebar grips. To top it all off, the bike receives blacked-out Öhlins suspension hardware, in keeping with a sleeker and more elegant aesthetic. The crowning jewel of the Vector Founder's Signature Edition is Mark Truman's signature in several places on the bike – a styling element that lets everyone know that this bike is truly unique. 

New Arc Vector Signature Edition Marks Brand's Entry Into US Market

In Arc's official press release, Mark Truman stated, “We are thrilled to be launching in North America and so wanted to do something extraordinary to mark the occasion. In terms of specification, I really wanted to throw the kitchen sink at it and push the levels of personalization and create something truly bespoke. It’s an honor to be part of Arc, it’s such a magical business, so to have my name on two of the bikes feels incredibly special.”

In terms of technology, the Vector makes use of the CCS1 Combo charging socket, which makes it compatible with the fast-charging standards in the US. The electric motorcycle is powered by a powerful 87-kilowatt electric motor with an output of 117 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque. According to Arc, the bike can hit a top speed of 124 miles per hour thanks to its powerful motor, instantaneous throttle response, and single-speed belt-driven transmission. 

Arc has not announced the price of the Vector Founder's Signature Edition, however, we can almost be certain that it'll carry a more premium price over the already extravagant $128,000 MSRP of the standard Vector. For more information about the Vector Founder's Signature Edition as well as Arc's products in general, feel free to visit their official website linked below. 

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