When we’re not riding our motorcycles, chances are we’re still thinking about riding. Perhaps we work on our bikes during our downtime, or if our bikes don’t need tinkering, we ride our bikes in the virtual space (i.e., video games). There are quite a few new and exciting moto-focused video games spread across multiple consoles, and yet another exciting one is underway.

Scheduled for launch on January 1, 2024, Nacon and Infront Moto Racing have just announced a partnership for a new video game on the FIM Motocross World Championship (MXGP). Perfect for those who love the thrill of motocross, the Official MXGP video game is expected to feature your favorite racers, bikes, and tracks all across the world. At present, Nacon and its KT Racing studio are already developing the MXGP game, promising enthusiasts “100-percent official content.”

Nacon And Infront Moto Racing Team Up For New MXGP Video Game

Specifically, Nacon’s partnership with the MXGP gives the video game developer exclusive rights to develop games themed around the MXGP for five seasons — 2024 to 2028. Through the upcoming video games, fans will be able to enjoy action that’s “as close to reality as possible,” consisting of detailed race calendars, teams, sponsors, and of course, the racers and their bikes.

In the MXGP’s official press release, Infront Moto Racing CEO David Luongo explained the importance of connecting to fans in the digital space. “The digital world is very important for us as promotor, and covering 360° of the needs of our fans as well. The video game will give the possibility to everybody to engage on the official tracks of the FIM Motocross World Championship with the official riders and compete to becoming a World Champion. We cannot wait to see the first input and result of the development of the new game and I am sure that the realism will be breathtaking,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Alain Falc, CEO of Nacon, expressed his excitement on the upcoming video game stating, “We are very excited to be able to offer fans the official game of this popular international competition in the near future. We have of course entrusted this new project to the KT Racing teams who have already proven themselves in motorcycle games. They will undoubtedly be able to transcribe into a video game all the complexity of this spectacular discipline which combines reflexes, speed and anticipation.”

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