It’s interesting to see what two hundred bucks can get you. Whether it’s a new pair of riding boots, a rather snazzy helmet, or even a motorcycle, like what Cars and Cameras have done in one of their videos. 

A 1974 Honda CL125 was last ridden and registered in 1982, and the bike has been sitting ever since! With about four decades worth of rust and dust build-up, the engine has become stuck and the bike is not in rideable condition. 

However, you wouldn’t be able to tell based on the rather impressive condition the bike is in. The small-displacement motorcycle is in decent shape—I mean, it still has both its wheels, and the original paint still looks like paint, and it doesn’t seem like it’s experienced a particularly bad accident or crash whatsoever. 

So this may not be a full-on restoration, not that it needs it anyway, but the engine and drivetrain definitely need a bit of love. The oil has sat for years and it’s definitely turned into a gunky mess. The chain and sprockets are all rusted up and it’ll probably get chewed up before long. 

Thankfully, the engine wasn’t’ too stuck, and it even held a bit of compression, spitting out the decades’ worth of gunk out of the hole for the spark plug. On top of that, literally, the gas tank was rusted through and needed a thorough cleaning. 

Watch the rest of the video to see whether this bike makes it. Without any spoilage, I can already tell that the engine needs to be opened up, the spark plug needs to be changed, the fuel tank needs to be de-rusted, the carburetor needs cleaning and refurbishing, the chain and sprockets need to be replaced, and the oil definitely needs to be changed among a host of other small jobs, and don’t get me started on the suspension and brakes. 

So the video goes on for more than 30 minutes. Did the bike start? Well, head on over to the nine-minute mark in the video to find out. The rest of the video after that is addressing the other parts of the bike to make it rideable. Now the question is, did it ride? Check out the rest of the video! 

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