It’s not every day that you get to see an abandoned Kawasaki GPZ1100, it’s pretty out of the ordinary that a motorcycle like that is offered to you, and it’s definitely not a normal day when said motorcycle is given to you for free. 

On the topic of unusual happenings, it’s definitely not a normal everyday occurrence to restore an old bike, and then take it out on an epic 3,000-mile road trip, but that’s exactly what Anthony from Motorcycle Rewind did to this old beast, the Kawasaki GPZ1100 from 1983. 

The motorcycle was given for free. Abandoned and unloved for quite some time, it was neglected and left outside to rot. Nature has run its course on the bike, and the situation was made worse with various parts missing and in need of replacement. The engine was seized and required a thorough rebuild, the bike was falling apart, and it was definitely not going to complete even a single mile in its planned 3,000-mile journey

It took quite a while for all the parts to come together, and the project took a lot of effort and tinkering in order to resurrect this 80s machine. In fact, stating that it is a restoration is a bit of an understatement. As Anthony put it, “This isn’t just a restoration—it’s a resurrection." 

After getting the bike ship shape, the ultimate test was underway. A trip from Slidell, LA, all the way to Erie, Colorado. 

So did the bike make it? Well, yes and no. While the Kawasaki was able to track the majority of the trip, it was about 100 miles away from home that it decided to stop working altogether. Was it a success? Well, in the eyes of Motorcycle Rewind, yes, and I’m inclined to agree. 

Following the main vlog, there’s a little question-and-answer video that addresses some of the queries that you might have. Kudos to Anthony for making such a project happen, and after a little more work, perhaps this exact motorcycle will ride on with more miles to come. 

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