Is your CP2 too slow? Is 72 horsepower, not enough? Well, Extreme Creations may have the exact solution for you. 

This turbo kit for the Yamaha YZF-R7 may be just what the doctor ordered, or is it? Slapping on a turbo on your bike may sound like a great idea if power is the only thing you want along with even more torque at the upper rev ranges. 

As it stands, the Yamaha YZF-R7 is no true R6 replacement. The four-cylinder motor won’t pass emissions, but the good old CP2 will. So with the tried-and-tested engine in tow, we got the R7, and is it better? In some ways, not really, in others, probably. Yamaha’s middleweight sportbike is now a little bit “friendlier” but this turbo kit will bring the YZF-R series’ middleweight offering back to over a hundred horsepower. 

Do 112.4 dyno-tested horses sound good? For context, the YZF-R6’s power figure before it got the ax was 118 ponies at 14,500 RPM. Meanwhile, we’re only at about 10,500 with the R7. Take note, however, that the R6’s power figure was likely measured at a crank, so it’s not wrong to say that this R7 now makes R6 levels of power, but with even more torque to boot. To give context, the baseline dyno figure that the R7 produced at the rear wheel is 65 horsepower so that's almost double the output with this kit. 

The kit was made and designed by Extreme Creations who’s made CP2 turbo kits in the past for the MT-07

At the heart of the system is a modified Garrett GT15 turbo that’ll run at 7.5 pounds per square inch. The kit will come with all the necessary brackets and accessories that you will need to turbo the CP2. A tune will be needed to manage all the extra air going into the engine, so a piggyback power commander is needed, and a base map is available for download from Extreme Creations, but further dyno tuning will be needed. 

Gallery: Yamaha YZF-R7 Turbo Kit By Extreme Creations

An ECU reflash from Woolich Racing is also supported by this kit, and a base map is provided, again with further dyno tunning needed for the best results. 

Extreme Creations is based in Australia, and it’s available for sale at $4,275 AUD, or about $2,900 USD given current exchange rates. If you check the brand’s website, you’ll see even more details on the kit and another dyno run where the final power figure goes up to 113.2 horses. 

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