The partnership between Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta and Austrian manufacturer KTM has been a widely discussed topic in recent months. With seemingly differing viewpoints from both the KTM and MV Agusta sides, one thing is for sure: KTM has a lot more involvement in the brand than ever before. Feel free to read more about it below.

In the North American market, KTM has taken over the distribution of MV Agusta's motorcycles. The distirbution agreement covers Canada and Mexico as well, and will certainly prove to be a step in the right direction for MV Agusta, who until now, had a very limited dealership network in the region. 

If we look at the Asian market, meanwhile, the same is true. Out of all the European manufacturers, MV Agusta's presence is very limited, with owners of bikes from the brand having to travel pretty far just to get to a nearby dealership for parts and service. Over in Japan, this could soon change, as KTM Japan has announced that it will start handling MV Agusta's distribution starting August 1, 2023. 

MV Agusta Superveloce 1000 - Front, Left

According to an articly by Japanese motorcycling publicaton Young Machine, KTM's move to distribute MV Agusta's motorcycles is in line with the "global strategic partnership" between Pierer Mobility and MV Agusta. That said, the company assures current MV Agusta owners that support for their motorcycles will continue, and that the standard warranty of MV Agusta's bikes sold before the turnover will be preserved. 

As the partnership progresses, it's hoped that the availability of MV Agusta motorcycles in the region would improve by a sizeable margin. Along with this news, we previously reported that MV Agusta was revamping its historic factory in Italy. Given KTM's involvement in the distribution of the brand, chances the Italian company will have many more touch points than ever before, and so production capabilities need to be bolstered to account for this.

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