What makes a true custom motorcycle? Indeed, the answer to this question varies from person to person. However, if you’re one with exacting standards such as Tony Audette, a U.S. Marine turned Mechanical Engineer, turned custom motorcycle builder, chances are you’ll want a machine that equips not only neck-breaking style, but cutting-edge technology, as well.

Indeed, this is the very essence of Audette Motorcycles, founded by Tony Audette. The brand’s first model, the Velos, is the definition of a custom bike out of the factory. The bike’s stunning design was developed in collaboration with Kar Lee, a popular motorcycle designer and the brilliant mind behind Kardesigns, whose work we’ve featured on multiple occasions. The stunning Audette Velos isn’t just a custom motorcycle, but a bespoke production machine limited to just 20 units per year. The bike is designed and manufactured in Audette’s workshop in Canton, Connecticut.

Audette Velos: A Bespoke V-Twin Machine More Than Worthy Of A Second Glance

The Velos is quite literally built around the Indian Thunder Stroke 111, with Audette deliberately opting for the 2016 version. Equipped with Bosch fuel-injection, this engine proved to be a powerful albeit reliable mill, sans the complex electronics found on subsequent models. The Velos doesn’t settle for the stock motor, and instead modifies it with Carrillo connecting rods and Wiseco Forged Pistons. The motor is bumped up to 131 cubic-inches, or about 2,150cc, and gets a higher compression ratio of 11:1. As such, you’re looking at a max output of about 130 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque, breathing through a Toce exhaust system.

Audette Velos: A Bespoke V-Twin Machine More Than Worthy Of A Second Glance

Sending all this power to the ground meant some revisions to the transmission. The Velos is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox fitted with an aftermarket Rekluse clutch. Furthermore, the belt drive of the engine has been swapped out for a much more durable chain.

The massive engine is housed in a frame crafted out of high-strength aircraft-grade aluminum. At a glance, it’s clear to see that the engine fits perfectly in the frame, and indeed, this was done on purpose. The V-Twin engine was precisely measured using a 3D scanner, and the frame was built to house the engine to a tee, providing maximum weight savings and compact dimensions. The swing arm has also been crafted out of a single piece of aluminum, and looks like it belongs on a track-only superbike.

In terms of suspension technology, the Audette Velos equips some of the best tech in the market. Up front, a set of Race Tech 43-millimeter inverted forks provide a full range of adjustability. So, too does the rear shock absorber. The Velos rolls on fancy carbon wheels from South African brand BST, and comes to a stop with Galfer rotors and Beringer calipers. Impressively, even with its 15-liter fuel tank filled to the brim, the Velos tips the scales at just 210 kilograms, making it possibly one of the lightest bikes of this displacement.

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Naturally, a bespoke beauty of this nature will command quite the price. Indeed, for $125,000 USD, you’re looking at Brough Superior territory, plus a little extra. That being said, you’d be lucky to even make it to the waiting list, as Audette is only producing 20 of these bikes a year. Each bike will be handcrafted to its owners standards, with the owners playing a major role in the design and assembly process. According to Audette, each bike will take about three to four months to complete.

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