Just another day in the office for Davey Todd, but a frightful and heart-pounding one for others. Check out this British racer’s run on the Isle of Man TT, aboard his Honda. 

Hear that idle? That is the sound of Davey’s CBR1000RR-R with its 180-degree inline-four pumping out over 200 ponies of power, on some sticky rubber, and just about ready to go tackle the course. Hearing an inline-four engine spool up is still an amazing experience for many, and let’s grace your screens with a show of sights, sounds, and screams. 

Davey Todd races for the Padgett’s Motorcycles Honda team, and the conditions were great on the day of the race, enough for the onboard footage to look clear and for the bike to run at full tilt. 

Posted on the Isle of Man TT’s YouTube channel, in addition to special on-board footage, the channel also has more content for you to digest such as highlights, round-ups, and more. 

It’s interesting to see just how much the rider’s head shifts and moves during these high-speed Isle of Man TT races. TT riders are often touted as the most daring in the world, going in excess of 150 miles per hour and easily averaging over 120 miles per hour per run. 

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The intensity going at that speed will be enough to make most riders slow down and let off the throttle, but these racers are truly a different breed, unleashing everything that their race bikes have to offer, and Davey Todd is no exception. 

The entire video goes on and on for 18 minutes of intense high-speed action, and it is a testament to the training and the planning that Isle of Man TT racers undergo for just about 20 minutes of some of the most intense riding in the world. Death is a common occurrence at these speeds, and many riders have unfortunately lost their lives to this grand spectacle of an event. 

So, that’s that. Check the video out, because it’s a rare glimpse for us, mere mortals, to see what goes on aboard these TT race bikes, or you can enter the TT in the virtual world courtesy of a video game. 

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