Electric motorcycles are especially interesting thanks to their instantaneous power delivery. Any of you who've ridden a Zero or any equivalent electric two-wheeler would surely know that they sure feel faster than their spec sheets would suggest. This is perhaps the saving grace of the electric motorcycle when it comes to performance-oriented machines for enthusiasts. 

That being said, today's electric motorcycle market is still littered with utility-focused scooters and commuters, with enthusiast-driven machines considerably far and few in between. One of the most interesting electric commuters of the moment comes from Chinese brand Yadea. Not too long ago, we discussed what the Chinese brand had on offer at CES, and now, the brand is tackling the European market with the launch of the new F200 electric scooter. Although not officially launched just yet, with its pricing and availability still shrouded in mystery, the spec sheet seems rather interesting. 

Yadea's VF F200 Electric Scooter Is A Sleek Commuter Co-Designed By Porsche

According to Yadea, the F200 will be the most powerful electric scooter in the L3e category, or electric scooters similar in performance to 125cc gas-powered equivalents. Clearly, performance is capped in order to comply with regulations, but this is where electric motors hide a sneaky little secret. Despite being rated at a peak output of just 11 kilowatts (14.7 horsepower), the F200 makes this power all across the rev range, as against gas powered machines that only make it once throughout the entire rev range. The result is a machine that feels like it has more than twice the power stated on the spec sheet. 

Furthermore, Yadea boasts an astronomical torque figure for the F200, with 236 Newton-meters – that's 165 pound-feet – of torque, again, across the entire rev range of the electric motor. What does this mean in the real world? Well, you get a cute little scooter that can rocket itself from dead still to 30 miles an hour in just 2.5 seconds. The motor tops out at 62 miles per hour, again, likely in compliance to licensing regulations. The scooter sips juice from a dual-batter pack housed beneath the fairing which ensures range of about 80 miles on a single charge. 

Another interesting thing to note is the fact that Yadea actually teamed up with the Porsche design center to come up with the styling of the scooter. No wonder it looks so sleek and streamlined. According to Yadea, the F200 was "inspired by the sculptural and elegant forms of sports cars," and while I will always struggle to grasp the concept of a sporty scooter, I guess the F200 comes pretty close. 

Yadea's VF F200 Electric Scooter Is A Sleek Commuter Co-Designed By Porsche
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