REV'IT!, a popular Dutch gear and equipment manufacturer, has become a mainstay in the wardrobes of a lot of motorcyclists around the world. The brand is best known for its clean aesthetics, sporty designs, and world-class protective features. With a catalog catering to all disciplines of motorcycling, REV'IT! continues to expand its product portfolio, this time catering to adventure riders with the Offtrack 2 gloves. 

Gear Up For All-Weather Adventures With The REV'IT! Offtrack 2 Gloves

The REV'IT! Offtrack 2 gloves are designed for use in both warm and wet riding conditions. They are predominantly made out of goat leather, providing durability and flexibility. The gloves also feature PWR|Shell 500D stretch and ventilated fabric, which enhances breathability and allows for freedom of movement. Additionally, they incorporate TPU knitting for added durability and protection. The gloves are further equipped with a knitted lining for comfort and moisture-wicking properties.

The REV'IT! Offtrack 2 gloves have a cuff with velcro and elastic wrist closure, allowing for a secure and adjustable fit. To enhance grip, the gloves feature a non-slip PU insert on the palm, providing better control of the handlebars. Additionally, the gloves are equipped with a microfiber insert on the index finger and thumb, enabling touchscreen compatibility without the need to remove the gloves. The gloves are constructed with Guterman outer seams, which ensure durability and a smooth finish.

Gear Up For All-Weather Adventures With The REV'IT! Offtrack 2 Gloves

The REV'IT! Offtrack 2 gloves offer comprehensive protection with TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) reinforcements on the metacarpals and knuckles. These reinforcements provide impact resistance and shield these vulnerable areas during riding. The gloves also feature memory foam padding in the fingers, palm, thumb, and metacarpals. This memory foam offers additional protection and helps absorb shocks and impacts for increased safety. Furthermore, the REV'IT! Offtrack 2 gloves are certified as personal protective equipment (PPE) according to the EN13594:2015 standard.

The REV'IT! Offtrack 2 gloves are available in three color options: black, black/brown, and black/grey. These color variations allow riders to choose the style that best suits their preferences. In terms of sizing, the gloves are offered in a wide range, from S all the way to 4XL, ensuring that riders can find a suitable fit for their hands, promoting comfort and proper functionality. The price? A reasonable 99.99 Euros, or approximately $107 USD. 

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