For dual-sport and enduro enthusiasts looking to take their bikes on day-trips or light camping adventures, Giant Loop is a brand people go to to get their luggage essentials. After all, Giant Loop offers some of the very best luggage solutions of dual-sport and enduro riders looking to outfit their two-wheelers for longer rides. Indeed, the brand shows no signs of slowing down, and has updated its arsenal with a new saddlebag called the MoJavi. 

The Giant Loop MoJavi is particularly useful for enduro riders looking to rack up the miles without having to install rugged and unsightly luggage racks on their bikes. The rackless system incorporates a pronghorn strap and fender hooks, allowing you to mount the MoJavi on virtually any dirt bike or enduro. For 2023, the bag has been updated and does away with a side zipper in favor of a waterproof roll-top closure. It also allows riders to load and unload items vertically, eliminating the risk of your valuables falling to the floor. 

Giant Loop Updates The MoJavi Rackless Saddlebags For 2023

On top of the redesign, the MoJavi also features RF-welded and full waterproof materials. As such, there's no need for internal waterproof lining, so you can maximize the storage space offered by the saddlebags. With six liters on either side, you get a total of 12 liters of storage, plus the option to install a variety of optional luggage accessories thanks to Molle webbing on the base of the bag. More specifically, the MoJavi is compatible with other Giant Loop products such as the Possibles Pouch, Rogue Dry Bag, Armadillo Bag, and Cactus Canteen. You can install all these goodies for extra long rides and light camping adventures. 

At present, Giant Loop has already opened pre-orders for the new MoJavi saddlebags. Even better, it's offering a 20-percent discount for pre-orders, for a price of $310 USD. It's offered in two new colors consisting of black and gray. Shipping for the new MoJavi saddlebags is set to begin in July, 2023. For more information, visit Giant Loop's official website below. 

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