Roger Lyle’s Motorcycle Xcitement Track Days and Road Racing school will officially close in 2023 after over 40 long years of training riders and honing their skills for road racing in America. 

The school, which finds its home on Summit Point Motorsports Park’s many race tracks in West Virginia, and NCBIKE in North Carolina, will mark 2023 as the final year that it will be active as Roger Lyle and his partner, Joan, will hang up their helmets and suits for coaching to pursue retirement. 

As a last farewell to the industry, the school will be holding parties on Summit Point Raceway Main on Friday on June 30, 2023, Shenandoah Circuit on July 1, 2023, and Summit Main on July 10, 2023. These events are ready for signups, so if you want to witness the last few official events of the school, put your name down. 

In a press release, which was then picked up by Road Racing World and published on April 3, 2023, Roger Lyle thanked everyone who supported him throughout the years. Lyle spent 52 years in the motorcycle racing business, and he’s officially retiring this year. 

The big reasons why Lyle’s going into retirement is because of skyrocketing track rental and insurance fees, low rider turn-out, and bad weather forecasts that took the courage out of potential students. With all the mounting monetary losses and stress due to these factors, Lyle felt that it was time to hang up his leathers for teaching and pursue life without the riding school. 

Lyle will retire along with his partner to enjoy the rest of their lives on their Blue Haven Farm, plant more trees and gardens, put up his 1950s Hersey Park Ferris Wheel, and finish his motorcycle museum. Lyle also plans to fix up bikes and sell them, play with cats, and definitely ride motorcycles and enjoy track days in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. 

To close, Lyle went on to say, “I am not dead yet! I will see you at the track! Until we meet again. Ride On! Thank you for being a friend! Love and Peace!”

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