This year, The Australian BMW Motorrad Safari took place in Yarra Valley in Bathurst, and if you’re curious as to what happened at this year’s event, here’s a recap of it. 

The 2023 BMW Motorrad GS Safari featured an epic trek from Healesville to Bathurst, and the adventure had a full five days’ worth of non-stop action, with over 1,500 kilometers, or about 932 miles, covered. More than 300 riders took part in the two-week-long event. BMW GS Safari managed to provide a ton of worthwhile riding through the Victorian and New South Wales high country, through the capital of Australia, over the great driving range, and finishing up in the tablelands of the City of Bathurst. 

Plenty of Bimmers went on the ride, but it’s not all big boxer GSes that made the grade fro the adventure. Even the smaller G 310 GSes got some screentime in the video along with BMW’s other GS models. 

Relive what happened at this the 2023 Australian GS Safari and catch all the beautiful scenery, mountain fire trails, twisty roads, and open plains that the beautiful country has to offer for riders, especially for GS adventurers. 

As with many videos that cover adventure riding, the show opens up with all the bikes clean and all the riders energized to take on the days of riding ahead of them. In the later half of the first ten minutes, we get our first few snippets of the gorgeous scenery that the video description was going on about. 

The BMW Motorrad Safari consistently brings a ton of riders overseas in order to ride some of the most memorable plains, trails, and roads in the world on the back of their BMW Motorcycles, the GS in particular. 

Enough describing the video. I’m sure the views are better appreciated while in motion and with the sound of BMW R 1250 GS Boxers spinning up and punching out some beefy torque on the trails and on the asphalt. Be warned, however, it’s a 40-minute-long video, but a worthwhile watch to see all the action that transpired in the land down under.  

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