At this point, it’s already a given that experienced enduro-adventure riders are among the craziest of the bunch. Often seen in groups to help each other lift their heavy dirt bikes off the ground and up the inclines they get stuck on, here’s a great video that shows a tough trail only made worse with the arrival of rain. 

It’s also nice to mention the bikes, as I feel that this group’s weapons of choice are some of the better adventure bikes for enduro-style trail riding, the KTM 890 Adventure and the Ténéré 700. Both motorcycles are extremely capable, and you’ll see their enduro chops on full display in this video by Camel ADV. 

Pritchett Canyon is located in Moab, Utah, and it’s a trail that is known for its stunning scenery as well as its difficulty for off-road riders. The first part of the trail is already hard enough for adventure bikes as seen on the video. Jagged rocks, loose gravel, tables, inclines, and single-track ledges that barely fit an adventure bike are all present. I will admit that the video had me at the edge of my seat thinking, “Will he make it?” Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn’t, but what are friends for? With buddies to help you out of a sticky situation, everything is good, and everything is great, the ride continues. 

Towards the end of the video, words like “gnarly” were thrown around, but the thing is that’s not even the end of the trail yet. The group eventually reached a sign that said “Caution, the next four miles are much more difficult than anything you have covered to this point. Body damage, roll-overs, and broken vehicle parts are common. Expert driving skills are a must for Pritchett Canyon.” finally, “This is NOT a viable shortcut to pavement.” 

So far, the trail clearly isn’t a viable shortcut, nor is it one that looks even remotely safe, but to be given a sign like that stating that it only gets worse from here is a big slap in the face, so to speak. The video ends there, so it’s probably safe to assume that the group turned around or didn’t push through with the rest of the trail. 

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