Back in October 2022, Tucker Powersports and Australia smart helmet maker Forcite announced that they’d inked an exclusive distribution deal for the US market. At the time, we learned that we could expect the Forcite MK1S helmet to finally arrive on US shores sometime in early 2023, although no formal date was announced at that time. 

Fast-forward to April 18, 2023, and that date is now upon us. As of today, Tucker Powersports and Forcite are proud to announce that the MK1S is now available for sale in the US market, available for immediate shipment to US riders who wish to order one. 

As you may recall, Forcite first launched its helmets in its home market of Australia in 2021, with further rollout in Europe before heading to the US. The company says that over 3,500 of its MK1 and MK1S helmets are currently in use in Australia and Europe. Features include a carbon fiber shell, a proprietary peripheral LED display that shows route information and road alerts, Harman Kardon speakers and a dual microphone, as well as a built-in action camera with 1080p resolution, as well as low-light capabilities using a tried-and-true Sony IMX sensor. 

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“Where others use clumsy clip-ons to shoehorn tech into their helmets, we’ve honed every part of the Forcite MK1S to create the next generation of smart helmet,” Forcite CEO and co-founder Alfred Boyadgis said in a statement. 

“We captured thousands of points of on-road feedback sent in by Forcite MK1 riders. Our design engineers used this info to craft more luxurious padding, high-end audio, and to improve camera quality in the Forcite MK1S. Our rider alert system and peripheral LED display is even more dialed into real time road conditions, helping riders keep themselves safe. These are the most advanced Forcite features for a helmet we’ve ever created. Motorcyclists are going to love them,” he added. 

What happens if you crash in a Forcite MK1S? With a suggested MSRP in the US of $1,099.99, it’s not exactly pocket change. The company thought of this, and offers what it calls a “complimentary insurance policy.” Since the protective EPS foam layer of a motorcycle helmet is compromised after a single impact, Forcite offers owners the chance to have their Forcite electronics modules evaluated for replacement inside a new helmet shell.  

If you’re an owner, and your helmet sustains an impact, that means you can contact Forcite’s support team to arrange to have your damaged helmet shipped to Forcite for analysis. As long as the electronics module hasn’t been damaged by the impact, it can be transplanted into a brand-new shell, then sent back to you “for less than half the price of an entire new helmet,” according to Forcite’s website.

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