If you’re a rider based in the U.S., and you’ve been wishing it was easier to get your hands on a Forcite MK1S helmet, then we have some good news for you. On October 10, 2022, Tucker Powersports announced an exclusive distribution deal with the Australian smart helmet maker, as part of a multi-year agreement. 

Longtime readers may recall that Forcite originally had plans to come to the U.S. as far back as 2019. However, we all know what happened in the world between then and now—and hopefully, it’s better late than never.  

For those unfamiliar, the Forcite MK1S features a load of tech crammed into a hand-laid carbon fiber shell that meets both ECE 22.05 and DOT standards. It features Harman Kardon audio, as well as a built- in 1080P HD camera in the chinbar. That’s actually where all the electronics reside—including Forcite’s unique LED system that helps to unobtrusively alert you in various situations. 

Gallery: Forcite MK1S

The Forcite MK1S supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and can connect to your phone (and utilize the free Forcite smartphone app, available for both Android and iOS devices). However, it doesn’t provide long-range Bluetooth communication capabilities, so that’s something to be aware of if you like to go riding with buddies and want to communicate with them while you’re out and about. 

The combination of LEDs (which have light sensors, so they can self-attenuate brightness to remain visible and yet unobtrusive in multiple lighting conditions) and audio cues allows the MK1S to keep riders in the know while letting them focus on the road. Each MK1S also comes with a handlebar-mounted controller that’s made with gloved riders in mind, featuring simple, thoughtful button placement that looks good in photos and videos. (Please note, we haven’t experienced it for ourselves, so while we can comment on appearance, we can’t comment on its functionality.) 

The visor is Pinlock-ready, and there’s also a drop-down sun visor installed in this helmet. The head shape is intermediate oval. According to Forcite, one unique feature of this helmet is that if it gets damaged, the electronics unit (which is all one big piece in the chinbar) can be removed, tested, and placed inside a new shell for you in the future. (Watch the video to learn more.) 

“We've created a motorcycle helmet that looks slick, and also packs a punch with cool features that lift the riding experience. This new partnership with Tucker Powersports promises to deliver as both companies look to the future of what’s possible in the motorcycle category,” Forcite co-founder Alfred Boyadgis said in a statement. 

When can riders in the U.S. expect the Forcite MK1S to become available? Tucker Powersports estimates that should happen sometime in early 2023. MSRP will come in at $1,099.

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