Furygan’s Overtake racing suit is new and ready for the track. With a rich racing history and pedigree, the French marque is fielding its top-tier racing suit built for performance riding on the race track. The model features accommodations for the latest protective technologies and a style that’s in keeping with the modern sportbikes and sport nakeds of today. 

The French brand is no stranger to the race track, often one of the go-to marques for riders in France and the rest of the world. As a great brand that caters to almost anything related to two-wheeled fun, even on the road, the model we have here today is called the Overtake. It slots above the Full Ride racing suit with a bunch of additional features and benefits over the entry-level suit. 

It comes loaded with features and quality adornments, serving as the best that Furygan can offer consumers. From the apparent branding that can be found on the chest, back, and arms, you also get logos on the knees shoulders and lower back. Brands aside, the jacket is crafted with cow leather, neoprene inserts for added comfort, and kevlar linings for added slide protection. Bi-stretch panels add to the ergonomic package of this model, strategically placed on the arms, lower back, and knees. 

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Perforated panels allow for this one-piece suit to breathe. Located in key places, the venting allows breathability without sacrificing strength and the suit’s integrity. 

Kevlar lining allows for additional slide protection, located in the hips, seat, and forearms. This suit also boasts a triple-A rating (AAA), according to EN 17092 because of the materials used. Knee protectors are CE level two and the elbow and shoulder pads are Level two certified D3O armor pieces, which are all supplemented by external shells on the shoulders and knees, as well as accommodations for knee sliders. Additional protection is available for riders who avail of Furygan’s In&Motion airbag system

A prominent hump is also present at the back, which is also backed by Furygan’s experience in MotoGP and the World Super Bike Championship plus copious amounts of wind tunnel testing. 

The suit is cut and sewn in Furygan’s factory in Nimes, France, allowing the brand to realize the utmost quality control for this top-of-the-line product. 

The price you pay for a French-made suit like this is €1,029.90 EUR. The suggested retail price translated into American will cost you around $1,125 USD. 

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