The current iteration of the Yamaha XSR900 is undeniably the fastest, sharpest, and most powerful version yet, at least on paper. However, from a styling standpoint, Yamaha's neo-retro naked bike has been the subject of quite a lot of debate. Indeed, while it sports the traditional styling cues of classic-inspired machines, the boxy tail section – derived from the racing bikes of the '80s – clearly isn't to everyone's liking. 

Nevertheless, it seems that Yamaha is going all out with this aesthetic, as the Yamaha Motor Japan's in-house aftermarket and customization arm Y's Gear has just launched two new kits for the XSR900 that prominently feature this boxy tailend. They're called the Blood Line Style and the Touring Style, and as the names suggest, one of them has aesthetics in mind, while the other sprinkles on a tad of practicality. Let's take a closer look. 

Check Out These Custom Yamaha XSR900 Kits From Y's Gear

Starting out with the Blood Line Style, the body kit comprises a headlight cowl, front fender, fuel tank, side panels, and a seat cowl. All of these body panels are painted in the iconic red and white color scheme, similar to those of Yamaha's heritage and 60th anniversary edition models. The kit also includes some refined pieces such as a tail tidy, adjustable brake and clutch levers, a headlight grill, and an Akrapovic exhaust system. A steering damper and radiator cover round up the upgrades.

In terms of styling, the XSR900 Blood Line Style lends the bike a retro sportbike aesthetic – something that some enthusiasts might find suits the bike's aggressive performance to a tee. Personally, I think it looks like a foreshadowing to Yamaha's rumored and highly anticipated XSR GP – but hey, that's just me. The cost of the Blood Line Style kit is 631,190 Yen, which makes out to about $4,800 USD. 

Check Out These Custom Yamaha XSR900 Kits From Y's Gear

While the Blood Line Style harkens back to Yamaha's racing days, the Touring Style, as the name suggests, takes the XSR900 retro platform and gives it a practical, touring-focused twist. The setup features a headlight cowl to provide some semblance of wind protection at speed. There's also a set of saddle bags with racks, a lowering link to give the bike a more approachable seat height, as well as heated grips for cold weather rides. The kit also comes with a set of crash guards and a radiator cover. As for pricing, the Touring Style kit will set you back the equivalent of about $2,600 USD. 

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