Those with air compressors in their garage know just how convenient the tool can be. More recently, manufacturers have downsized air compressors for portability. As a result, drill-style air compressors have become fixtures at race tracks and personal garages. However, packing such a heavy and bulky tool on a long-distance road trip doesn’t maximize the rider’s limited carrying capacity.

To serve both adventurers and tourers, Intec presents the ultra-compact Airman Mini Compressor. Measuring 5.2 inches by 3.1 inches by 1.6 inches, even commuters can tuck the infinitesimal inflator in a coat or pant pocket. The Airman Mini’s 0.73-pound weight only enhances its portability.

Despite its small stature, the unit packs a punch with a built-in, 2200mAh lithium-ion battery. As a result, the Airman boasts 7.4 Volts, 6.4 Amps, and 44.4 Watts. That enables the inflator to pump out a maximum of 7.5 Bar/110 PSI, which suits everything from motorcycles to cars. Intec even includes multiple adaptors for use on basketballs and bicycles.

Users simply input the desired PSI, and the Airman Mini does the rest. Owners can even save preset pressure thresholds to expedite the inflation process on the go. Intec doesn’t leave the user in the dark either, equipping the Airman with a bright LED light. When fully charged, the model provides 15 minutes of continuous run time, which is a significant amount of time when considering that most tires only require a few seconds to fill up.

The Airman Mini doesn’t make a big fuss either, registering just 72dB when in use. After the user finally drains the high-capacity battery, the power pack requires just three hours to fully recharge. Retailing for €60 (~$63 USD), the Intec Airman Mini is an affordable and convenient addition to any far-flung road trip.

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