Remember RGNT? It’s been a while since we last heard from the Swedish electric bike maker, but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been busy. Besides building its electric motorbike lineup for customers, members of the team have also set themselves a new goal: To beat the World Speed Record on ice for an electric motorcycle. 

How does the RGNT team plan to do this? With its specially-built Project Aurora ice race bike. If you’re going to be in Sweden on February 24 and 25, 2023, then you may want to check out the SMA Svenska Motorsport Alliansen Speed Weekend in Årsunda. That’s where RGNT engineer Timmy Eriksson will be racing a modified RGNT No. 1 Classic SE, and hopefully making history in the process. 

What started as a small effort that some team members decided to pursue off work hours eventually bloomed into something bigger—and then became an official RGNT thing. Although RGNT is a small company of about 40 employees, everyone eventually got involved, from the engineers to the marketers and beyond. The team also signed a number of sponsors on to assist in the effort, which helped propel them to the calm before Project Aurora launches for the first time in public at the end of February. 

Gallery: RGNT Motorcycles Project Aurora

Now, of course not everyone will be able to attend the event in person—so the team plans to keep everyone updated via its social media channels, like you’d probably expect in 2023. However, for those that do attend in person, RGNT is inviting fans to come back to its team area to check out the bike up close and in person. They’ll also have team members on hand to chat, as well as offer fika (the Swedish-style coffee break and snacks).  

At the same time as Project Aurora’s impending launch, RGNT will also be showing off its Sport Extended model lineup at the 2023 Motorbeurs Utrecht show in the Netherlands, Motofestival Bern in Switzerland, and Salon du 2 Roues Lyon in France. All these festivals run from February 23 through 26, 2023, so you can check them out if you’ll be nearby.

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