The Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) is one of the most comprehensive courses offered in the United States. There are just two problems: price and location. Not all riders can travel to YCRS host tracks nor afford the $495 fee for the ChampStreet program or the $2,195 Two-Day school. To democratize Champ School’s life-saving curriculum, the organization introduced the Champ U online course, in August, 2021.

While the 13-part instructional series helped countless riders gain both speed and safety on the track and streets, new riders will benefit most from YCRS training. Champ School’s Champ U: New Rider program will do just that, serving beginners, returning riders, and even non-riders on their two-wheeled journey.

“New-rider parking-lot schools are the gateway to our sport and they have done the job of getting hundreds of thousands of riders licensed to ride on the road,” noted ChampSchool founder Nick Ienatsch. “A license doesn’t make you a safe rider! Understanding how a motorcycle works best and what inputs bring those best results is vital; New Rider goes above and beyond to teach how to practice and refine these inputs for a lifetime of riding success.”

Boasting more than three hours of content, the New Rider series includes 35 lessons, 28 quizzes, and interactive drills. Just like the Champ U Core Curriculum, the digital training program is accessible on any device with an internet connection. As opposed to the advanced lessons, the New Rider school only costs $19.95 (introductory price).

YCRS expects the beginner-friendly material to add to its 15,000+ user base in the coming months. The organization also plans to announce its Video Coaching options in the near future.

“We know that riders who are properly educated and wear appropriate gear will have more fun, ride longer, and encourage more people to become involved in motorcycling,” Ienatsch added. “Our mission is to make quality motorcycle education available to all riders and grow the sport of motorcycling. Champ U: New Rider will be a powerful tool in reaching our goal.”

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