As moto vlogger Marc continues his Zero SR/F travels around the world, he and his girlfriend, Maree, have been making their way through Italy as of mid-January, 2023. In this video, they decided to take the advice of people in their YouTube comments and explore the beautiful, narrow roads that wind along the Amalfi Coast. 

For those wondering about geography, the Amalfi Coast is a little bit south of Naples, about at the front-ankle portion of the boot shape of the entire country. It’s in the southern part of the nation, though not all the way down at the tip of the boot. A quick glance at weather during the current week shows daily high/low temperatures in the 50s/40s Fahrenheit and ranging between 14 and 4 degrees Celsius.  

There’s also precipitation forecast almost every day this week, and even though Marc and Maree clearly rode through prior to when we’re writing about this video, they do experience some rain. As they ride into the area, it’s overcast and gray. Still, the stunning views on the Amalfi Coast aren’t blunted by the lack of sunshine. It’s beautiful in any weather condition, and even more beautiful if you get to experience it with someone you care about AND you’re on a motorcycle. 

Later in the day, it starts raining, and it’s still beautiful. The roads are quite narrow in the area, which of course isn’t a big deal for Marc on his Zero, but is more of a challenge for Maree as she pilots her Suzuki Jimny around. Nevertheless, she handles it like a champ, and looks quite confident even as she tackles roads she’s never driven before. The pair of them look as though they’re having the time of their lives, which is always nice to see. 

Marc gets a few questions from passersby about his electric motorcycle, but it’s mostly just chill vibes and enjoying the atmosphere of the places they’re riding through. Unlike many of Marc’s videos, we don’t even get an EV charging sequence here, because congested and slow roads are where the Zero’s range really shines. Stop-and-go traffic and low speeds, combined with lots of downhill riding and regen braking, mean the range just kind of keeps extending far beyond what you might be expecting if you’re not used to it.  

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