The good old commuter scooter may not seem all that appealing to you, however, its benefits are undoubtedly appreciated in the urban setting. Of course, a scooter's main purpose in life is to shuttle you from point A to B in comfort, while providing practical amenities such as under-seat storage, fuel efficiency, and an easygoing ride. 

Today's crop of scooters is exactly that, however, there's been a trend lately—particularly for a certain Japanese manufacturer whose color of choice is blue—of retro-style scooters. Across the Asian market, Yamaha has quite a handful of small-displacement scooter models.

Some of them are made extra special by classic-inspired styling. We've seen it in the likes of the Fazzio, the Fascino, and now, the Grand Filano. Indeed, if you're thinking all these names sound rather Italian, you're probably right, as Yamaha is likely trying to rival a certain Italian scooter manufacturer known for its classic styling. 

Yamaha Presents The Retro-Style Grand Filano Scooter In Indonesia

In the case of the Yamaha Grand Filano, you may not be getting true, blue, unadulterated scootering heritage, but you are getting dependability, affordability, and practicality. In such case, you can consider the charming looks as a bonus. Nevertheless, the Grand Filano makes its debut in the Indonesian market for 2023, and it's packing quite a bit of technology that contrasts rather sharply with its retro-inspired aesthetics. 

For starters, it's packing what Yamaha refers to as Mild Hybrid Technology, meaning, yes, it's quite the fuel-efficient machine. More specifically, it's packing a 125cc single-cylinder engine with a max output of about eight ponies and seven-and-a-half pound-feet of torque. Similar to most stylish scooters of this type, the Grand Filano rolls on 12-inch wheels front and rear, and is suspended by a standard telescopic fork and a monoshock at the back. The scooter comes to a stop with a front disc and rear drum, with single-channel ABS as standard. 

Other modern tech amenities consist of an LCD dash with a Bluetooth connectivity. LED lights provide illumination all around, and the scooter has 27 liters of under-seat storage. On longer trips, you can make use of the built-in USB charger to power up your devices. As for availability and pricing, the Grand Filano is offered exclusively in the Indonesian market for now. It carries a retail price of IDR 27 million, which translates to approximately $1,795 USD. 

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