If you've been keeping abreast with the rapidly growing electric vehicle market, chances are you're familiar with the name Ola Electric. Despite so fat limiting its operations to within the Indian market, Ola Electric has been making waves across the globe, thanks largely to its S1 electric scooter. Based on the Etergo Appscooter—which Ola purchased the rights to—the S1 scooter seems to be the perfect urban e-scooter for a bustling metropolis.

Ola Electric Caters To Budget-Focused Commuters With Base S1 Scooter

Indeed, in the past two years the company has achieved off-the-chart sales. What's even more impressive is the infrastructure the company has been rolling out to fully integrate the scooter to the lives of its owners. We've already talked about Ola's Hypercharger network in detail before, and indeed, more fast-charging stations are popping up left and right. What's more, if Ola's tech isn't enough to get you onboard the electric scooter craze, the company has been aggressively expanding its Experience Centers—which serve as showrooms and service centers for its scooters. 

The Ola Experience Center is designed as a one-stop-shop for both scooter owners and scooter-curious individuals to get a firsthand taste of what Ola Electric has to offer. As 2022 drew to a close, CEO and founder Bhavish Aggarwal stated that the company had already opened 100 experience centers. Now, with 2023 just starting, he said that yet another 100 experience centers will open their doors before January draws to a close. 


In terms of Ola Electric's future goals, the founder has previously stated that the business intends to introduce a number of high-end electric bikes, a mass-market motorbike, and a scooter in 2023. Indeed, the company has plans of going beyond just scooters, and plans to release electric two-wheelers across the spectrum. In the pipeline are an affordable mass-market e-scooter, electric motorcycle, as well as a premium range of models including sportbikes, cruisers, and adventure bikes. 

Furthermore, Ola Electric has also expressed interest in going beyond two-wheelers, and entering the electric car market. Aggarwal announced that the company will launch its first electric car in 2024, and that by 2027, it'll have six electric cars to choose from. 

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