It’s almost the end of December, 2022, which means several things are upon us, all at once. There’s the New Year, of course, and the 2023 Dakar Rally is just a scant couple of days away. Although the annual Consumer Electronics Show didn’t used to have much to do with motorcycles, it’s become of more interest to our small little slice of the world in recent years, as more electric and other motorcycle and gear-related technology has graced its stages. 

CES 2023 kicks off on January 5, and will run through January 8. Chinese electric bike startup Davinci Motor is planning to bring its DC100 to show at the event, which marks the very first time Davinci has brought bikes to U.S. shores. The company recently showed the DC100 off at EICMA 2022, which marked its European debut, as well. 

While its design may be divisive, aren’t most designs? Assuming that you like the design, the Davinci DC100 looks promising on paper. The problem with paper, of course, is that any company can say what it likes about its products, and every company wants potential buyers to think that it’s offering the best product ever. As ever, we won’t know how it holds up until independent reviewers start getting their hands on bikes and are able to put them to the test in the real world. 

Gallery: Davinci DC100

Davinci Motors says that it designed the DC100 to compete against the performance of 1,000cc combustion-powered motorcycles. Claimed zero-to-60 time is three seconds, and claimed top speed is 124 miles per hour. Claimed range is 249 miles on a single charge, and thanks to level three DC fast charging capability, Davinci says that the DC100 is capable of fully charging its battery in a mere half an hour. Peak power is listed as 100 kilowatts (about 134 horsepower), and peak torque is a claimed 850 newton-meters (626.9 pound-feet).  

At EICMA, Davinci officially announced that it was opening pre-orders for the DC100 in the European market, at a cost of 26,000 Euros (or about $26,893 as of November, 2022). It’s unclear if Davinci is planning a similar announcement around or soon after CES 2023 for the American market, nor what the cost might be if it did. For Europe, the company said that pre-order customers should expect to see deliveries begin later in 2023.  

"We're excited to announce that CES 2023 represents our first on-site appearance in the US market. As a tech-driven company, this show is top on our agenda for events where we want to represent ourselves as a tech company in the US and across the world. CES 2023 serves as the perfect opportunity to introduce our product to the US market, and we would like to invite media and attendees to visit our booth,” Davinci Motor international business manager Rosanna Libia said in a statement. 

At this time, there’s no word on when or if the DC100 Classic might make it to either Europe or America, for fans of a more stripped-down look to their electric bikes. One step at a time, though. We look forward to seeing how the situation evolves over time. 

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