The last thing the modern-day motorcycle market needs is a Transformer-esque design. Whether we’re talking about the Yamaha MT-10 or Kawasaki Z900, today’s cosmetic conventions heavily rely on futuristic, angular bodywork. Apparently, Reza Hussain Customs (RH Customs) received that memo and pushed the Autobot aesthetic to the Nth degree.

Along with Optimus Prime and Megatron, Bumblebee has become a fan-favorite Transformer over the years. The character’s popularity has only increased in the past fifteen years thanks to Michael Bay’s Transformer live-action film franchise. While the shapeshifting mechs live by the “robots in disguise” mantra, RH Customs prefers to wear its love of Bumblebee on its sleeve.

Gallery: RH Customs Bumblebee: Honda X4

The result is a highly-modified Honda X4 bearing the image of the franchise’s friendly protagonist. From the yellow paint job to the muscular body panels to the battle-worn finish, the custom remains faithful to the source material—to a fault. One of the most unsettling design decisions includes a decapitated Bumblebee head repurposed as a headlight cluster. Meshing macabre and mechanics, the functional piece even slots yellow LED headlamps in place of Bumblebee's eyes.

Below the neck, a pair of finned tank panels resemble V8 valve covers, calling back to the character’s Chevrolet Camaro alter ego (film series). Slotted tank shrouds resemble Bumblebee’s design language while a fat rear tire adds extra muscle to the build. RH Customs maintains the X4’s power cruiser stance with an oversized front wheel but a single-seat configuration and swingarm-mounted rear fender reinforce the project’s custom ambitions.

At first glance, it’s difficult to make out the inline-four-powered Honda under all the new bodywork. Whether you gravitate to the Bumblebee-designed X4 or not, the custom cruiser is an impressive feat of craftsmanship nonetheless. There may be an abundance of Transformer-informed designs on the market today, but none of them take the source material to heart quite like India’s RH Customs.

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