Wolfman luggage is announcing a new line of products that are made-to-order and made in the U.S.A. The new Wolfman Threadworks line of motorcycle and bicycle bags are literally tailor-made for adventure riders and for bicyclists and the line also offers customers an opportunity to add a personal touch. 

Most adventure bike luggage comes in either black or aluminum, with only certain exceptions adding a hit of color here and there. Henry Ford’s quote about “having it in any color as long as it is black,” comes to mind when the topic of motorcycle luggage is brought up, but Wolfman has a solution to make you stand out in a sea of black top boxes and side cases. 

Wolfman’s new product line offers riders an opportunity to own a unique set of luggage. The lineup will focus on the Wolfman Enduro styles of bags and also on quality. Wolfman stated in its press release that the bags will be “made with our renowned Wolfman quality and durability,” which means reliability for you on your next adventure. 

Wolfman Luggage Threadworks Bags

On top of the assured quality and durability, customers can also select “your favorite color or pattern for any of the five designs that Wolfman offers in its Threadworks line.” These include the brand’s E-Tank bag, E-12S Daytrippers, E-Duffel, and the “very special” Greg Bag which is a Multi-Sport Hydration waist pack. 

The pieces are crafted by Eric Hougen for YOU! Limited. 

On top of the motorcycle luggage, Wolfman will also be releasing a new lineup of PACK Bicycle Bags. Wolfman cited that motorcycle manufacturers are releasing e-bikes, and the brand wants all bases covered. The new PACK line features the PACK paw logo which symbolizes community, and a tieback to the Wolf in Wolfman. Just like its motorcycle luggage, every PACK product is made in the U.S.A., designed for everyday use, and is made with quality. Whether you’re a mountain, gravel, road, city, or commuter biker, you’ll likely appreciate a PACK bicycle bag. 

Wolfman Luggage PACK Bicycle Bags

Each PACK bag is made from 1000 Denier U.S. made Cordura textile and VX-21 “X-Pac.” Wolfman also offers a wide range of colors to help you coordinate your bag with your bike. 

All of these product lines are available now on Wolfman’s website.

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