Brembo’s going green with its new Greenance Concept Kit, a project that combines longevity and lowered environmental impact compared to standard brake pads. The concept will be part of the new Brembo Beyond product line, which is being developed to “improve the driving dynamics of a new mobility generation geared towards sustainability.” 

The company sent out a press release for its new Greenance Concept Kit back in September of this year, stating that it is “the latest future-oriented solution” that “lasts up to 3X as long and combines a lower environmental impact  – a more than 80% emissions reduction in both PM10 and PM2.5 – with top braking performance.” That’s quite an eyeful of words to read and quite a headful of concepts to grasp, so let’s ‘brake’ things down bit by bit. 

Brembo is taking a step toward sustainable braking systems in addition to improving braking performance with other new and innovative products. The brand showcased its Greenance Kit Concept, a sustainable new line of products from the Italian company. The kit is envisioned to enrich Brembo’s aftermarket lineup by offering consumers a pad that is not only more environmentally friendly than its latest products but also better performing with three times the normal longevity. In short, lower environmental impact and up to three times to brake disc life. 

The Greenance Kit Concept will be assured of Brembo’s top-notch quality once it does hit the market. Other environmentally-sound specifications of this kit include a reduction in emissions during the production of said product, by up to 83 percent in PM10 and up to 80 percent in PM2.5. According to Brembo’s presser, “these solutions have already achieved the ECE-R90 homologation tests as well as the most severe benchmark road tests, which are conducted by the company’s technicians, according to Brembo’s stringent requirements.” 

The name, Greenance, is derived from the merging of the words, “Green,” and “Performance.” 

Brembo Greenance Kit Concept

“Innovative and revolutionary, the Greenance Kit Concept embraces some of the most relevant cornerstones of Brembo’s DNA,” says Roberto Caravati, Brembo Aftermarket GBU Chief Operating Officer. “We have a constant commitment to sustainability which is associated with top performances and a willingness to take on and anticipate the upcoming and most challenging opportunities and megatrends of the automotive industry, meaning that we are actively contributing to a better and more sustainable future mobility.” 

“We are always working to improve our production processes and to introduce new and better solutions that are more innovative and attentive towards the planet and the environment. The Greenance Kit Concept makes a further contribution in this direction and to our mission of being a solution provider,” he concludes.​

Finally, Brembo’s stated that the Greenance line of products will be available on the market as a solution for discs and pads in the second quarter of 2023. This will include aftermarket solutions for cars and hopefully motorcycles. However, there is no definite word yet on which models, whether two or four-wheeled, will get products made for their respective systems.

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