The British motorcycle brand, CCM, unveiled a new model at Motorcycle Live last November. The new model is called the “Cruiser,” and to set itself apart from the rest of its rivals, the bike is targeting riders and their passengers. 

Before we get into the details of the bike, let’s consider other rivals. Other cruisers like the Honda Rebel 500 will roll off the dealership lot without a pillion seat. Others, still, will have a little “throw pillow” behind the driver. For the passenger. In short, most cruisers will treat the passenger like an afterthought, and leave all the comfortable amenities for the driver only. That’s not quite fair is it not? For better passenger accommodations, one must assume that an adventure bike is the way to go like the BMW R 1250 GS. 

As such, couples find themselves in a bit of a predicament. If you’re married and shopping for a motorcycle, it’s likely that your partner will want to saddle up with you. If they’re avid fans of riding, then I’m sure they’re factored into the purchasing decision somewhat. Either way, there’s a bit of a gap in the market for a cruiser that really prioritizes two individuals, and CCM may just have the bike to address that market. 

Gallery: CCM Cruiser

It’s a bit niche, but the bike itself looks interesting. Retailing for £11,985 GBP, it’s a modern neo-retro cruiser with an interesting engine choice and great passenger accommodations as per its marketing. The motor that CCM used in this model is a 600cc single-cylinder thumper of a motor, which is also found in the brand’s other models. As for its specifications, the model has been reported to make 55 brake horsepower and achieve a fuel economy figure of up to 56 miles per gallon. The model shares a similar platform to its Spitfire model which also has a tracker cousin. CCM's use of Chromoly steel is also on display here in the cruiser. 

Motorcycle News (MCN) got a chance to snap some photos of the new model while it was being displayed at the Motorcycle Live show, all dressed up and decked out with all the options from the catalog. The show bike featured a set of side saddle bags and carbon fenders. According to the source, the saddlebags will come as standard with the unit, so it’s weekend-getaway-ready. 

Meanwhile, you can see just how thick and accommodating the pillion seat is in the photos. There are also other details on this model that help it be a comfortable getaway vehicle. High bars help riding posture and are mounted for comfort for long rides, a 146-kilogram (321-pound) dry weight helps make it easy to drive, and a low seat height of just 765 milimeters (30.12 inches) gives it a very low-slung and easy to manage ergonomic package.

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