There’s stunting on the street, and then there are these guys, Graham Jarvis and Mario Roman to be exact. These two enduro pros were caught stunting in Indonesia while they were there for the Uncle Hard Enduro 2022 event, the most popular hard enduro race in Asia. 

Now, these two aren’t there for no reason, they’re putting on a show in the literal and professional sense, showing onlookers the skills that the pros put to good use on the enduro circuits, but in a street setting where traction is aplenty and the only other hard enduro-like spots are ledges and other obstacles on the road. 

Of course, these two made quick work of the solid structures out on the road, heck, Graham Jarvis even has his own line of boots. Anyway, you can see the duo playing what kinda looks like a game of horse where the two are just copying one another aboard their dirt bikes. 

In their little showcase, we get tons of wheelies, stoppies, climbing, and even a bit of drifting. There’s even a stint where they’re in a construction yard with tires and dirt where you see them binning their bikes on some massive truck tires. Mario Roman had a pretty intense bail-out while tackling this showcase. 

All the stunts in this video take years of dedication and practice to pull off. Graham Jarvis and Mario Roman even go so far as to take things indoors, pulling wheelies and going sideways down a flight of stairs. “Sideways?” Yep, sideways. Watch the video and see just how skilled/crazy these two are. 

Before you go on criticizing the two for pulling these stunts and horsing around, don’t worry, it’s all sanctioned and allowed as part of promoting the Uncle Hard Enduro 2022 event, where both Jarvis and Roman will be competing for top honors. 

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