Gaerne, the Italian brand known for motorcycling and cycling boots, has a special edition motocross model for its top-of-the-line SG.12. It’s a special collaboration model made with enduro legend, Graham Jarvis. 

On a side note, Gaerne’s product line includes motorcycling and cycling boots for now, but a quick check of its site reveals that there will be a new product line called “walking engineering,” which will take the company’s learnings since its establishment in 1962. The Italian company has been making footwear for extreme sports and power sports for 60 years now, so it’s no secret that the company knows what it is doing. Apart from motocross boots, Gaerne also makes a full lineup of other models for other disciplines like track riding. 

Gaerne SG.12 Graham Jarvis Edition

That know-how reflects in the current SG.12 models we currently in the lineup. The model is the top-of-the-line for Gaerne and the best that the brand can now do for off-road riders like Graham Jarvis who demand high levels of performance, protection, and durability from their footwear. The boot is equipped with Gaerne’s enduro sole, a flat sole on the inside, and a block sole on the outside that helps enduro riders keep their footing and their feet protected. 

On the Gaerne website, the product description states that the “SG.12 JARVIS EDITION [was launched] to celebrate the new partnership with the kind of Hard Enduro Graham Jarvis.” The description is not in perfect English, but I think you get the gist. The boots are designed to take a beating and to, well, endure “Extreme Enduro.” 

Gaerne SG.12 Graham Jarvis Edition

While you can get the SG.12 as a standard edition, the JARVIS EDITION has special graphics printed on it that set itself apart from the rest of the lineup. As for its size run and other particulars, the boot goes from the U.S. size 7 all the way to 14, without any half-sizes. The boots cost about €599 EUR, or about $620 USD given today’s exchange rate from Graham Jarvis’ website. 

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