Most motorcyclists like to mix and match their riding gear, because let’s face it—apart from being safe and protected, we all want to look good while on two wheels. As such, it’s always nice to have lots of options when it comes to gear. Well, what about a jacket that’s both a jacket and a vest in one—and one with a tried and tested airbag system from In&Motion at that?

Well, this is exactly what Italian gear and equipment maker Tucano Urbano offers with its newest Airscud Mesh, a textile jacket with removable sleeves. As such, you can either wear it as a jacket on its own, with the sleeves attached, or simply as an airbag vest whilst riding around the city. What’s even better is that it’s applicable for all-weather use, too, as in vest-form, it can be worn underneath a waterproof and thermal riding jacket. The sleeves are easily detached in seconds via Tucano Urbano’s patented Arm Link system.

New Tucano Urbano Airscud Mesh Transforms Into Jacket Or Vest In Seconds

As for the In&Motion airbag system, it’s completely autonomous, and doesn’t need to be tethered onto the bike. It makes use of a total of seven sensors consisting of three accelerometers to detect sudden movement, three gyroscopes to determine pitch and yaw—as in when you’re flying through the air, and one GPS sensor. Thanks to this high-tech wizardry, the airbag system can detect a crash and completely deploy in no more than 60 milliseconds. The airbag system provides coverage to the chest, abdomen, neck, and spine, accounting for the most vital parts of your torso in the unlikely event of a crash.

Meanwhile, the jacket also has standard protective equipment consisting of D3O CE-certified Level 1 protectors on the elbows and shoulders, that is, of course, provided that you attach the sleeves in the first place. Naturally, a fancy piece of gear like this will cost quite a pretty penny. Tucano Urbano is asking for 479 Euros (around $498 USD) for the new Airscud Mesh jacket.

Gallery: New Tucano Urbano Airscud Mesh Transforms Into Jacket Or Vest In Seconds

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