It’s November, 2022, and ‘round-the-world biker Kinga Tanajewska is currently riding through Canada on her trusty BMW F 800 GS, Chillie. In this video, she’s exploring the breathtaking and scenic views of the legendary Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. 

For those unfamiliar, the Cabot Trail is 298 kilometers (about 186 miles) long. From paved roads to dirt, the seemingly endless skies and greenery occasionally give way to breathtaking views of the water—after all, the trail is on an island. There are some other vehicles around, but not too many. The occasional houses, as Kinga notes, don’t seem to have fences or even much in the way of trees around them.  

Sometimes, Kinga and Chillie camp for the night and even if it’s raining, thankfully, there are often incredible views to be had where she sets up for the evening. At other times, the best course of action is finding a nice, local bed and breakfast, for a chance to decompress, charge up all her electronic devices, and also get a little work (like editing videos for her YouTube channel) done.  

For those unfamiliar with Kinga Tanajewska and her journey, she started out riding around the world in 2017, from Australia—and is calling the journey Are We There Yet? because she’s not sure how long it will take, nor where she’ll end up when she finally calls it the end of this trip.  

As someone who lived in Australia for some time, she’s no stranger to Sydney—so of course, if she was riding through Nova Scotia, she had to also ride through the Canadian town of Sydney. It’s different, but there are some similarities, which she affectionately points out in the video.  

Although the road is pretty winding, the views are choice—and getting a personal look at places that not everyone gets to see is of course the point of a journey like this. Thankfully, her F 800 GS is weighted down with all the items necessary for a round-the-world journey—which comes in awfully useful in the wind. True, it’s a remote place—but it’s also gorgeous and welcoming at the same time. 

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