World moto traveler Lea Rieck, who goes by the name Got2Go on YouTube, is currently traversing the East Coast of the United States in the back half of 2022. Back in 2016 and 2017, she circumnavigated the globe solo on her motorcycle, which she later wrote about in a book.  

Still, even if you’re among the small subset of people who are able to make your way around the world (on a motorcycle or otherwise), there’s no way for one person to ever see everything. The world is simply too vast, and there are too many places to go, people to meet, places to ride, and food and cultures to appreciate. 

When Rieck got home, of course, she wanted to take a little time to rest. After a little while, though, she decided that she needed more. There was just too much that she hadn’t experienced yet. So, she’s continued to travel in the years since, and she’s been documenting it all on her YouTube channel.  

Most (but not all) of the time, she travels on her trusty Yamaha Ténéré 700—which is exactly what she’s doing on this East Coast U.S. journey. In this video, she’s rolling through North Carolina’s beautiful Outer Banks—sticking as much to the Outer Banks Scenic Highway as possible. 

Rieck is a world traveler, originally from Germany, who now lives in Switzerland. That makes it particularly interesting to this American writer to witness this journey through her eyes, seeing things in ways that we might not always see them. (As an aside, that’s also probably why I’m always fascinated by chronicles when people who aren’t from Chicago visit, because I want to see what they see when they’re seeing the things that I’ve been surrounded with all my life.) 

Her videos are consistently beautiful, well-shot and edited, and making great use of her drone to capture some stunning views of the places that she visits. Whether you’re thinking of planning your next trip, or you just enjoy seeing beautiful places through someone else’s eyes, this is a great way to unwind and spend about 35 minutes of your time. 

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